'They Took Our Jobs Milk!'

An American reader sounds the alarm:

Before our good neighbors to the north get all finger pointy to how a wall will keep all the mass shootings and other awfulness of the U.S. out of their fair country, I’d like to offer a little perspective. I live right on the Canadian border, near Bellingham, WA.  [Embedded above] is a news report about how swarms of Canadian shoppers inundated the Bellingham Costco to such a degree that police were required. I lived through this and it wasn’t pleasant, especially during Christmas. The decline in the Canadian dollar in the past year or so has slimmed the horde to something more manageable.

I don’t generalize all Canadians as being loud, uncouth, nationalistic ninnies who spell words funny; some of my best friends are Canadian  :-)  

From the other side of the border:

As a Canadian with a deep affection for the United States, it hurts me that the issue of “frostbacks” had never been explored more fully (beyond the wonderful HBO/CBC mockumentary The Canadian Conspiracy).

I would argue that Canadians are the real hidden threat to America. Thank you, South Park, for validating our frost-infused self-absorption. We’re not your buddies, guy!

The conspiracy has even reached the highest levels of TheAtlantic.com; J.J. Gould is a Nova Scotia native; Matt Thompson is from Toronto.  👀