The Farce of American Apparel Halloween

American Apparel’s Halloween costumes aren’t costumes; they’re just regular clothes that American Apparel sells. This is not a “costume” of two “90s people:”

American Apparel

It’s a combination of actual clothing items that American Apparel retailers encourage you to buy and wear on days that aren’t October 31:

American Apparel

Likewise, this is not a costume of Freddie Mercury an “opera rocker:”

American Apparel

It’s a tank top and jeans, which you can purchase from the American Apparel website or rip off the emaciated back of a server at a vegan restaurant in Silver Lake.

A costume is something that’s different from what you would normally wear. If you normally wear American Apparel clothes, and you don one of these outfits, you are not wearing a “costume,” you are just living another day in your life. (And propping up a struggling brand/taking a stand for domestic manufacturing.)

That’s an acceptable thing to do as an adult on Halloween. Just don’t call it a costume.