Alexander Stubb, left, is hugged by his predecessor Jyrki Katainen upon being elected chairman of Finland's National Coalition Party on June 14, 2014. (Lehtikuva Lehtikuva / Reuters)

Here are the best quotes we heard from our sources today. (Click through to read the full stories.)

Robin Dunbar, a sociologist: “We hadn’t expected the Finns to turn out to be the most cuddly people.”

Margee Kerr, a haunted house consultant, on why Millennials love zombies:“I think that they were really concerned that the apocalypse was going to happen in their generation.”

Zaydan al-Jabari, a Sunni tribal leader from Ramadi, Iraq: “Iraqis don’t want to live under the Islamic State, but where are they supposed to go?”

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