Orbital View: Stay Safe Mexico!

A second O.V. for the day because it’s super topical—just posted by Scott Kelly, today’s orbiting meteorologist:

From Adam’s report on Hurricane Patricia posted five hours ago:

The projections are grim. The NHC predicts that while the storm’s strength could fluctuate, “Patricia is expected to remain an extremely dangerous Category 5 hurricane through landfall.” As other experts are warning of the possibility the storm might produce 40-foot waves of water along Mexico’s western coast, NASA points out that the storm has already broken two storm-related records.

Track the hurricane here. Update: Rob has the latest, posted at 6:20 pm EST:

The category-five tropical cyclone, now spinning off the western coast of Mexico, is expected to make landfall Friday evening. It will be the second-strongest storm to make landfall in history, after Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines 2013. Remarkably, it only holds that “second strongest” title because it has weakened slightly in the past few hours.

He goes on to address the question, “Why did the storm intensify so quickly?”