Orbital View: From Storm to Hurricane

They grow up so fast, don’t they?

Here’s a NASA animation of Joaquin as a tropical storm, just before it picked up speed and became a hurricane Wednesday night:

A video posted by NASA Goddard (@nasagoddard) on

Hurricane Joaquin is currently several hundred miles east of the Bahamas, according to the National Weather Service. It’s expected to reach the U.S. in the next five days, bringing heavy rains, strong winds, and plenty of Joaquin Phoenix jokes.

Adam has the latest on the hurricane’s potential:

[H]eavy, sustained rain in the Carolinas from other weather systems has already caused flooding and has been linked to at least one death. The National Weather Service is cautioning that the East Coast from the Carolinas to Massachusetts could see as much as ten inches of rain by early next week. … [But] Rick Knabb, the director of the National Hurricane Center, said the likelihood of Joaquin making landfall is far from certain.

A Twitter update from the Weather Channel an hour ago shows the hurricane tracking east, away from the coast.