Maybe It's a Dyson Sphere

That’s what many readers are suggesting in response to Ross’s captivating piece on a mysterious star that many scientists suspect might harbor an alien civilization in its orbit. The basics:

A Dyson sphere is a hypothetical megastructure that completely encompasses a star and hence captures most or all of its power output. It was first described by Olaf Stapledon in his science fiction novel, Star Maker. The concept was later popularly adopted by Freeman Dyson. Dyson speculated that such structures would be the logical consequence of the long-term survival and escalating energy needs of a technological civilization, and proposed that searching for evidence of the existence of such structures might lead to the detection of advanced intelligent extraterrestrial life. Different types of Dyson spheres correlate with information on the Kardashev scale.

Many readers cast their skeptical eyes, expertise, and general nerdom: