How Much of a Factor Is Race When Cops Kill? Cont'd

Another reader joins in:

I just read Nick Selby’s contribution to the thread, and one thing that jumped out at me was him citing how many cops had been indicted on charges related to civilian shootings this year. This reminded me of the Randall Kerrick case in Charlotte, NC, where Kerrick was on trial for voluntary manslaughter in the shooting of the college student Jonathan Ferrell, who was black. In August, the judge in the case declared a mistrial, and they’re not going to seek to retry the case. (Just as a reminder, this was the case where Ferrell was in a bad car accident, knocked on a woman’s door, she called the police, and when he ran up to the police when they arrived, he was shot and killed.)

Although this is just one case, it complicates many of the elements Nick Selby refers to in order to argue against race being a factor in getting killed by the cops.