Happy National Cat Day

Rock out with these felines:

The oldest cat video, on the other hand, is here. Elsewhere in the Atlantic archives, Becca relayed new archeological evidence in December 2013 showing how “humans created cats,” about 5,560-5,280 years ago in the Shaanxi region of central China:

[Paper co-author Fiona B. Marshall of Washington University] says the evidence is “terribly exciting” because scientists have never before seen documentation this old of the pathway through which wildcats stepped over the threshold and into the home.

“It’s very hard to find, archaeologically, exactly what relationship caused domestication,” she said. “Usually we can find the time or the place. It’s been speculated that for modern cat behavior that cats were attracted to early farmers, but it wasn’t known for sure. But what this shows us is, yes, there was food for ancient cats in ancient farming villages, and that they helped the farmers out, making it a mutualistic relationship, by eating rodents.”

Other pieces from the archive include “That Time the CIA Bugged a Cat to Spy on the Soviets,” “Do Cats Control My Mind?,” and “Why You Shouldn’t Trust Your Cat.” Some people won’t be celebrating today: