Trapped by a Bed Sheet

Last Halloween, our Video team posted a genuinely scary vignette from horror director David F. Sandberg that went super viral. This year, Sandberg created another artful short film starring his wife, actress Lotta Losten:

Luke Rodriguez of wonders if Sandberg is the “next great horror director.” Here he focuses on the director’s deft use of sound:

Sandberg has a legitimate understanding of how sound can be utilized to create fear and dread. You probably won’t be hearing orchestrated string sections frantically bowing up and down minor key scales. What Sandberg does is use the silence to his advantage. Accompanying it with close, tight, and realistic sound FX. Sure, you may get an underlying ominous tone running in the background, but that’s simply a mood setter. This minimalistic approach to audio is refreshing and far more effective than the in-your-face techniques recycled through most mainstream horror films.

From an interview with the Swedish director:

BLD: Have you ever had anything spooky happen to you?

DS: The spookiest was probably when I was a kid, and during one really foggy evening, my friend and I were running around the woods not far from where we lived. We marveled over how little you could see ahead, through the thick fog. Suddenly we see a person in a cloak standing on top of a hill. As if that wasn’t scary enough, the person then pulled out a big sword and we ran for our lives home to my parents, who didn’t believe us. I’m guessing it was just a teenager having fun, but it was scary as hell when it happened.