Charlie Crist's Biggest Fan Is Back

The former governor of Florida is running for office again, and naturally, his trusty sidekick is with him.

Crist’s fan, you may recall, had its star turn a year ago, when its appearance at a debate between Crist and Rick Scott caused a commotion. As I wrote at the time:

On Wednesday night, Rick Scott tried to separate Crist and his fan. The two men were about to begin their penultimate debate, and there it was, waiting for Crist under the podium. Scott, the incumbent Republican governor, whom Crist is trying to unseat to get his old job back, put his foot down. He wasn’t going to go onstage with that thing. It was, he insisted, against the rules.

Despite the fan’s attempted intervention on his behalf, Crist, a Democrat, lost that election. He’s now running for Congress and considered the favorite in a district that’s become strongly Democratic after a court-ordered redrawing. To get your head around Crist’s unquenchable desire to hold elected office, read my profile of him from last year.