Hide Your Cephalopod Fandom No Longer

Have you thought about cephalopods recently? Well, now’s the time.

International Cephalopod Awareness Days, a five-day celebration of the marine creatures, begins on Thursday. The unofficial event recognizes the 800 species of cephalopods, which include various types of squid and octopus, and is curated by a cephalopod enthusiast on a Tumblr account here. “The date of October 8 was chosen as an auspicious occasion for appreciating animals with a combination of eight or 10 appendages,” the website explains.

In honor of these invertebrates, I’ve compiled some notable moments in cephalopod history, using the very scientific method of asking my colleagues. All videos embedded from YouTube. Here’s an octopus carrying a coconut around for no discernible reason:

Here’s an octopus trying to escape its tank at the Seattle Aquarium because, one can assume, it has just had it:

And here’s one escaping through a small hole in a boat:

This one escapes Houdini-style from a closed jar:

This octopus is literally killing a shark:

And this octopus stole a diver’s camera and swam off to record the ocean itself:

So, how can you mark the occasion? Ed’s suggestion:

(Hat tip: Nora Kelly)