Canadians for a Wall

In the wake of Scott Walker’s suggestion that the U.S. build a wall on the U.S.-Canadian border, and a poll showing 41 percent of Americans supporting the idea, Montreal-based journalist Emma Jacobs rounds up reactions from Canadians saying yeah, bring it on:

There’s a lot about guns in these letters and columns. Susan Sacks of suburban Toronto wrote in a letter to the Toronto Star, “If a wall will keep American guns and other American bad habits out of Canada, I’m all for it.” Besides actual illegal handguns, Dorothy Turcotte suggested in the Grimsby Local News, fencing off the United States could keep out “the influence of that culture which is being exported here.” While Canada has had its own mass shootings, they throw up their hands at American gun culture and the level of violence they see in the United States.

Any Canadians out there with well-meaning rants of your own? Drop me an email, buddy, and I’ll post. Update from a reader:

As a Canadian, living on Vancouver Island, I would like to warmly welcome Americans escaping northward. Hurry now before the wall is completed. I have some spare touques to hand out if you don’t have one on arrival—just let me know when you get here. The idea of a wall along our border is laughable. Everyone here knows that we have an armada of trained orcas waiting to spirit escaping Americans northward.