Jason Miczek / Reuters

Here are the best quotes we heard from our sources today. (Click through to read the full stories.)

Erik Olson, who attended a Bernie Sanders rally in Greensboro, North Carolina (pictured above): “Bernie is the only one who I feel is honest. He’s one of the few senators who is not a millionaire.”

Isabel Morales, a social-studies teacher at Los Angeles High School of the Arts, on her district’s reformed suspension policy: “I haven’t heard anything positive about it. The words they’ve used to describe it are ‘crazy’ … ‘zoo’ … ‘madhouse’ … People are just unsure and feel powerless.”

Sarah Olson, an epidemiologist with the Wildlife Conservation Society, on an animal vaccine for Ebola: “You’re introducing a genetically modified organism. It could be something eventually seen as a mistake.”

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