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Here are the best quotes we heard from our sources today. (Click through to read the full stories.)

Rachel Barr, a developmental psychologist at Georgetown University: “It turns out that babies are really bad with phones.”

H. Luke Shaefer, coauthor of the new book $2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America: “There’s sort of a constant, perpetual state of crisis. … People spend a significant amount of their time trying to—it’s really work—trying to generate that small amount of cash.”

Roger Smallbeck, a retired fire chief in Chanhassen, Minnesota, who received an 80-pound piece of  steel from the Twin Towers: “I had it sitting on the table down in the meeting room [at the fire station] and I had a big towel draped over it. I said, ‘Here’s a piece of the World Trade Center,’ and pulled the cover off it.”