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American Dreams
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Below is a collection of stories, reflections, and photos from readers on their visions of the American Dream. Email and we’ll do our best to add your contribution to the ongoing series.
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American Dreams: Mashups and Marriage

Albertine Wang / Elizabeth Herman / EchoSight / The Atlantic

My colleague Emily over the past month has been tracking photo submissions from readers that reflect what the American Dream means to them:

The dream with a capital “D,” of course, cannot be contained in a single photograph or a simple phrase. The dream is all these things at once, to everyone. It’s a proud cacophony of cultures that intersect and challenge one another, and [here] you’ll find images just like that. EchoSight’s Daniella Zalcman and myself have sifted through all the Tweets and Instagrams to find the loudest images, and then mashed them up with images louder still. We also asked the photographers to tell us a little about their photographs and their dreams, which are included below each montage and have all been condensed and edited.

The caption for the above mashup is from Elizabeth Herman: