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The Global Refugee Crisis
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Tens of thousands of people are fleeing civil war and unrest to find new homes in Europe—sometimes with tragic consequences. The U.N. estimates that more people have been displaced than at any time since World War II. Scroll down to see the stories on this topic.

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Europe's Migrant Crisis: Death Toll in Austria Raised to 71

People light candles Thursday in front of the police station in Eisenstadt, Austria, in tribute to the migrants whose bodies were found inside an abandoned truck. (Ronald Zak / AP)

This post was updated on August 28 at 9 a.m. ET

Here’s what we know this morning about the bodies that were found in an abandoned truck in Austria on Thursday:

-- Officials now say there were 71 people in the truck, and that it’s likely the Syrian migrants suffocated.

-- Three people were arrested in Hungary in connection with the discovery. One of them is reported to be the truck’s owner; the other two the drivers.

Police examine the abandoned truck near Parndorf, Austria.  (AP Photo / Ronald Zak)

Austrian authorities say up to 50 migrants were found dead today in a truck abandoned on the side of the highway in the eastern part of the country.  

The discovery coincided with a meeting in Vienna in which European leaders discussed the worst migrant crisis since World War II.