Remembering Aretha Franklin, infrastructure issues, big cats in the city, and more.
TheAtlantic: WeeklyTuesday Aug 21, 2018
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Picture of newspaper on top of the Statue of Liberty

The Freedom of the Press Is Yours

It is your right as an American to read what you will, to write what you think, and to publish what you believe.

The Editors

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Photos: The Queen of Soul's Amazing Career

A collection of images of Aretha Franklin’s incredible life of performance, spanning the past five decades.

Alan Taylor

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The Next Populist Revolution Will Be Latino

Democrats are betting on a diversifying electorate to secure their party’s future, but second-generation Latinos won’t willingly accept a deeply unequal society.

Reihan Salam

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Why the FBI Fired an Agent Who Wrote Anti-Trump Texts

The FBI’s disciplinary office had recommended Peter Strzok be suspended for two months but was overruled by the bureau’s deputy director.

Natasha Bertrand

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Students walk along a street with NYU banners

When Academics Defend Colleagues Accused of Harassment

The recent case of Avital Ronell, an NYU professor suspended for sexual harassment, and the scholars who rallied to support her highlights the intense politics of academia.

Adam Harris and Alia Wong

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It Was the Gatekeepers Who Failed

The internet doesn’t actually offer an unconstrained marketplace of ideas.

Conor Friedersdorf

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An illustration of a fishing cat holding a koi in its mouth

Are Cities Making Animals Smarter?

A mysterious wild cat in Sri Lanka may hold a clue.

Paul Bisceglio

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A rotary phone

What Does It Mean to ‘Sound’ Black?

In recent works including Insecure, Sorry to Bother You, and BlacKkKlansman, sounding “real” is a tricky equation.

Hannah Giorgis

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‘I’m an Undocumented Citizen of This Country’

Jose Antonio Vargas explains why his lack of papers shouldn’t disqualify him from being regarded as an American.

Nicolas Pollock

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Swim Caps Are Keeping Black Women Out of Pools

Their limited design is yet another contributor to America’s racial disparities in swimming.

Marissa Evans

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More Bridges Will Collapse

Two disasters in Europe are the latest examples of the decline of infrastructure—as an idea as much as a physical thing.

Ian Bogost

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An illustration of roommates in one another's way

The Strange, Unique Intimacy of the Roommate Relationship

More and more American adults are sharing their homes with people other than family members or spouses—an arrangement that can be anywhere from harmonious to downright hostile.

Allie Volpe

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The Unbelievable Story of North Korea's Most Celebrated Propagandist

When one South Korean family lost their son to the invaders from the North in 1950, they never thought they would see him again.

Max Kim

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