Plus: a look back at Kobe Bryant’s final NBA game, Obama’s 2016 warning about Trump, the Grammys controversy, and a moving dissent in a climate lawsuit
TheAtlantic: WeeklyTuesday Jan 28, 2020
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A Historic Quarantine

China’s attempt to curb a viral outbreak is a radical experiment in authoritarian medicine.

James Hamblin

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From Our Archives: Kobe Bryant’s Last Game

In 1996, the Lakers great made his NBA debut as an 18-year-old fresh out of high school. After two decades, he bid the league farewell. (April 2016)

Matt Vasilogambros

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Donald Trump and Barack Obama walk and talk at the U.S. Capitol grounds. A marble pillar can be seen behind them.

Obama’s 2016 Warning: Trump Is a ‘Fascist’

That is, at least, according to Tim Kaine, the Democratic senator from Virginia and a friend of the former president, in footage from the new Hulu documentary, Hillary.

Edward-Isaac Dovere

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Deborah Dugan announces Grammy nominations in November 2019.

The Grammys Controversy Is Bigger Than Any One CEO

The picture of the Recording Academy that the former head Deborah Dugan paints is of an organization encrusted by years of self-dealing and mismanagement.

Spencer Kornhaber

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Here’s What Trump Has Been Up to While Americans Have Been Distracted by Impeachment

The president has been making a slate of controversial policy moves.

David A. Graham

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Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini greets a crowd of people waving their hands at him at Tehran University in 1979.

The Muslim World’s Question: ‘What Happened to Us?’

Understanding the events of 1979 is crucial for those trying to figure out a better future for today’s Middle East.

Kim Ghattas

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Kelsey Juliana, a lead plaintiff in the climate-change case, speaks outside the U.S. Supreme Court.

A Climate-Lawsuit Dissent That Changed My Mind

Twenty-one children brought a lawsuit arguing that the government needs to act on climate change. A federal court dismissed it.

Robinson Meyer

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The Colorless Landscape Around Taal Volcano

Philippine authorities are maintaining a high alert level due to fears that the volcano may just be in a lull.

Alan Taylor

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A black-and-white photo of a couple looking unhappy

How Negativity Can Kill a Relationship

Successful marriages are defined not by improvement, but by avoiding decline.

John Tierney and Roy F. Baumeister

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A cheerleader does a handstand while balancing on a teammate's palms.

Cheer Is Built on a Pyramid of Broken Bodies

Netflix’s new docuseries doesn’t flinch at the danger that cheerleaders regularly subject themselves to.

Amanda Mull

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Why Icelandic Dads Take Parental Leave and Japanese Dads Don’t

A generous policy is of little use when work culture heavily discourages men from taking time off.

Joe Pinsker

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An illustration of an old couple watching a young man with his two kids walk away.

Dear Therapist: My Son Makes My New Husband Feel Alienated in Our Family

My husband feels disrespected and unloved, and I don’t know how to bring harmony back to our family.

Lori Gottlieb

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The Books Briefing: Short Stories to Read and Reread This Weekend

Get ready for more original fiction from The Atlantic. Your weekly guide to the best in books.

Rosa Inocencio Smith

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