The ramifications of the North Korea meeting, gender stereotypes in greeting cards, and more
TheAtlantic: WeeklyWednesday Jun 20, 2018
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Being Black in America Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

In Baltimore and other segregated cities, the life-expectancy gap between African Americans and whites is as much as 20 years. One young woman’s struggle shows why.

Olga Khazan

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The Next Plague Is Coming. Is America Ready?

The epidemics of the early 21st century revealed a world unprepared, even as the risks continue to multiply. Much worse is coming.

Ed Yong

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Donald Trump Actually Seems to Believe He Denuclearized North Korea

The president claims the nuclear threat is gone, but that's not what he achieved in Singapore.

Uri Friedman

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The Disastrous Legal Implications of the Trump Foundation’s Activities

The New York attorney general’s complaint tells the tale of a charity that flouted in every conceivable way the legal prohibition on 501(c)(3) campaign activity.

Bob Bauer

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Extinguishing the Beacon of America

The Trump administration’s policy of separating families is designed to erase hope—with devastating consequences for thousands of children.

Alex Wagner

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An illustration of a boy holding a dress up to his body and looking in the mirror.

Today’s Masculinity Is Stifling

As boys grow up, the process of becoming men encourages them to shed the sort of intimate connections and emotional intelligence that add meaning to life.

Sarah Rich

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A front view of Stuyvesant High School's entrance

What’s Going On With New York’s Elite Public High Schools?

A fight over admissions is making all too clear the value of securing a seat at one of the city’s finest schools.

Syed Ali and Margaret M. Chin

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Artist's depiction of a black hole eating a nearby star

Black Holes Really Know How to Savor Their Meals

Astronomers have detected the glow of a star being slowly devoured millions of light-years from Earth.

Marina Koren

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Instagram’s Wannabe-Stars Are Driving Luxury Hotels Crazy

Hotels are being forced to figure out how to work with a new class of brand-peddling marketers.

Taylor Lorenz

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Two greeting cards: One with a woman sitting in a wine glass, which reads: "I love you like you love wine," another of a man holding a beer, which reads: "Happy Father's Day, aka. Beer Day."

The Terrible Stereotypes of Mother’s and Father’s Day Cards

Dads love beer. Moms love wine. And greeting-card companies love gendered tropes about parenting.

Julie Beck

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Amy Santiago in 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

The Character Who Made Me Love Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Amy Santiago, played by Melissa Fumero, has exploded many a pop-culture myth about smart, driven women being cold, humorless, and lonely.

Sauleha Kamal

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The Balloonfest That Went Horribly Wrong

In 1986, 1.5 million balloons were released over Cleveland, resulting in an unforeseen tragedy.

Emily Buder

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Images From Ramadan 2018

A look around the world at the traditions, ceremonies, food, and community of Ramadan 2018.

Alan Taylor

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