Interrogating ‘political correctness,’ the most politically engaged groups, the view from the countries where abortions are forbidden, and more
TheAtlantic: WeeklyWednesday Oct 17, 2018
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In the Georgia Governor’s Race, the Game Is Black Votes

The Republican candidate and Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp denies charges that he is attempting to suppress African American turnout for political advantage—but advocates say barriers to the ballot help his cause all the same.

Vann R. Newkirk II

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The Men of #MeToo Go Back to Work

A year into an unprecedented outpouring of stories about harassment and assault, much of the entertainment industry still seems like business as usual.

Sophie Gilbert

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Brett Kavanaugh

What the Black Men Who Identify With Brett Kavanaugh Are Missing

When men of color see themselves in the embattled Supreme Court justice, they’re not seeing the bigger picture.

Jemele Hill

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Students at Berea College in 1899

The Little College Where Tuition Is Free and Every Student Is Given a Job

Berea College, in Kentucky, has paid for every enrollee’s education using its endowment for 126 years. Can other schools replicate the model?

Adam Harris

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As a part of the 56th annual New York Film Festival, the filmmaker Barry Jenkins brought his latest movie, an adaptation of James Baldwin’s novel, to Harlem’s historic Apollo Theater.

Barry Jenkins Brings James Baldwin Home to Harlem

The U.S. premiere of the film adaptation of If Beale Street Could Talk, held at the historic Apollo Theater, captured all the generous, urgent love the writer’s work conveyed.

Hannah Giorgis

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A man unlocks his phone with facial recognition.

The Newest Password Technology Is Making Your Phone Easier for Police to Search

For the first time, police have compelled a suspect to unlock his phone using Face ID. The case reveals an interesting inversion: More advanced password technology is less protected from police seizure.

Sidney Fussell

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How Saudi Media Is Addressing Jamal Khashoggi’s Disappearance

The kingdom’s response in the West has been publicly muted.

Krishnadev Calamur

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Why Nikki Haley’s Departure Shocked Washington

Trump’s UN ambassador wasn’t always in lockstep with the president, even as she tried to present a united front.

Uri Friedman

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The Personal Cost of Black Success

Two new memoirs trace their authors’ rise into the meritocratic elite, confronting pernicious myths and brutal realities along the way.

Christopher J. Lebron

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Demonstrator at pro-Trump rally for free speech

Americans Strongly Dislike PC Culture

Youth isn’t a good proxy for support of political correctness, and race isn’t either.

Yascha Mounk

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A Russian Mail-Order Bride and a Jaw-Dropping Twist

The hilarious, stranger-than-fiction story of a mother and son who emigrate to America and get more than they bargained for.

Emily Buder

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When Abortion Is Illegal, Women Rarely Die. But They Still Suffer.

A look at what happens when abortion is forbidden, from countries where it still is

Olga Khazan

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Fall Is in the Air: Images of the Season

The season of harvests, festivals, migrations, winter preparations, and, of course, spectacular foliage

Alan Taylor

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