Plus, Omicron's best- and worst-care scenarios, and Mike Pence's possible 2024 campaign.
TheAtlantic: Weekly Sunday Dec 5, 2021
A photo illustration of an arrow puncturing a clock

How to Care Less About Work

As we peer around the corner of the pandemic, let’s talk about what we want to do—and not do—with the rest of our lives.

An empty airport in Japan after travel was restricted because of the Omicron variant

Omicron’s Best- and Worst-Case Scenarios

A new, highly contagious variant could have terrible consequences. But if it ends up causing milder symptoms than Delta, there’s a real upside.

A photo of a protester holding a sign that reads "Judgement" in orange letters on a white background

What Roe Could Take Down With It

The logic being used against Roe could weaken the legal foundations of many rights Americans value deeply.

Mike Pence stands in front of a microphone, half in shadow.

Pence 2024?

If Donald Trump officially enters the next presidential race, that doesn’t mean his former vice president will stay out of the contest.

A woman on a surfboard in a yoga pose, facing a pile of money

When Multilevel Marketing Met Gen Z

Amelia Whelan used social media as an accelerant for her sales community. Then things blew up.

Black-and-white still of Janet Leigh screaming in the film 'Psycho,' next to an image of a lightbulb

America Is Running on Fumes

In film, science, and the economy, the U.S. has fallen out of love with the hard work of ushering new ideas into the world.

Clint Eastwood in "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" with a tear across his face that reveals a photo of Donald Trump

The New Right’s Strange and Dangerous Cult of Toughness

An emerging culture idolizes a twisted version of “toughness” as the highest ideal and despises a false version of “weakness” as the lowest vice.

Illustration of Tucker Carlson, the U.S. Capitol and a sign reading "Anti-white mania"

The Mantra of White Supremacy

The idea that anti-racist is a code word for “anti-white” is the claim of avowed extremists.

An image of a peloton bike in a bubble.

Peloton Is Stuck, Just Like the Rest of Us

People want the company to be a pandemic crystal ball. It’s not.

Peng Shuai serves during her ladies' singles second-round match against Caroline Garcia of France during day five of the 2018 French Open.

What the Peng Shuai Scandal Is Really About

The disappearance of the Chinese tennis star is an embarrassment to Beijing—and undercuts its campaign to present the Chinese system as a model for the world.

Senator Chris Murphy has made gun law reform a cornerstone of his political career.

The Struggle to Overcome Mass-Shooting Cynicism

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is a mainstay of basic cable—and a rallying cry for a country that is losing touch with itself.

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When You Can’t Change the World, Change Your Feelings

Adjusting your attitude is easier than you think.

Mel Gibson and an actor playing Christ

Cancel Mel Gibson

Why is Hollywood still hiring this raging anti-Semite?