New indictment in the Russia investigation, Wakanda comes to theaters, and more
TheAtlantic: WeeklySunday Feb 18, 2018
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What Mueller's Indictment Reveals

The special counsel detailed how a Russian effort to widen divisions in American society launched in 2014 morphed into active support for the candidacy of Donald Trump.

David A. Graham

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Another School Shooting—But Who’s Counting?

Seventeen people were killed in an attack on Wednesday. America’s inability to track gun violence is standing in the way of preventing the next one.

Isabel Fattal

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Two doctors in white coats stand in front of microphones

Why Can't the U.S. Treat Gun Violence as a Public-Health Problem?

A 1996 bill has had a chilling effect on the CDC’s ability to research firearms.

Sarah Zhang

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A highway sign that reads, "water rationing started—expect interruptions"

Big-City Life on Very Little Water

In Cape Town, people are restricted to just a fraction of the typical amount of water. From showering in buckets to special pee spray, here’s how they’re coping.

Olga Khazan

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

The Two Things That Will Determine Netanyahu's Fate

With the Israeli police recommending that he be indicted, the prime minister is entering a major battle for political survival.

Natan Sachs

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Adam Rippon skating

The Out Olympics

Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy show the entertainment value, and political power, of gay people embracing full visibility.

Spencer Kornhaber

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Pyeongchang 2018: Photos From the First Five Days

A look at some of the competition from the first days of the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Alan Taylor

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America Is Not a Democracy

How the United States lost the faith of its citizens—and what it can do to win them back

Yascha Mounk

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The Problem With #MeToo’s Agenda

Caitlin Flanagan argues that the #MeToo movement is becoming big enough to be rendered meaningless.

Caitlin Flanagan

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Why Amazon Pays Some of Its Workers to Quit

The company’s unusual offer—to give employees up to $5,000 for leaving—may actually be a way to get them to stay longer.

Alana Semuels

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A sketch of a colorful futuristic city

Google’s Guinea-Pig City

Will Toronto turn its residents into Alphabet’s experiment? The answer has implications for cities everywhere.

Molly Sauter

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Nakia (Lupita Nyong'o), T'Challa/Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman), and Okoye (Danai Gurira)

Why Fashion Is Key to Understanding the World of Black Panther

The Oscar-nominated costume designer Ruth Carter on how she created the style of the film’s fictional African nation of Wakanda

Tanisha C. Ford

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Radio Atlantic: No Way Out, Part I

Benjamine Spencer has been in prison most of his life for a violent crime he may not have committed. But his guilt or innocence may no longer matter to the justice system.

Barbara Bradley Hagerty

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