Plus: how Trump changed the internet forever, feel-good films you’ll want to watch again and again, the secret political power of fossil fuels, and more
TheAtlantic: WeeklySunday Nov 29, 2020
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Illustration of Trump

How ‘America First’ Became America Alone

In his desperation to restore and showcase American strength, Donald Trump has made the country weaker.

Tom McTague and Peter Nicholas

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Donald Trump walks head down, with the coronavirus superimposed over him.

Trump’s Pathology Is Now Clear

As the coronavirus spreads uncontrolled across the U.S., the president has gone from downplaying the pandemic to COVID denial.

James Hamblin

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Jesus Torres digs graves at La Piedad Cemetery in McAllen, Texas.

COVID-19 Is Killing My People—And No One Seems to Care

It almost killed me. A story of criminal neglect and mass death in South Texas.

Carlos Sanchez

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Let the Incarcerated Vote

The bodies of people in America’s prisons are counted in the design of our political infrastructure, but their voices are not.

Clint Smith

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Trump's face in an Apple rainbow spinning wheel

The Internet Won’t Be the Same After Trump

How the president changed life online—for better and for worse

Kaitlyn Tiffany

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Picture of Dwight Shrute in "The Office"

Dwight Schrute Was a Warning

When The Office originally aired, its resident fool made for easy comedy. Fifteen years later, it’s hard to watch Dwight without seeing tragedy.

Megan Garber

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Photo of Melania Trump

Melania’s Plastic Camelot

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff’s tell-all book about the first lady is as sordid as it is fascinating.

Caitlin Flanagan

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Meryl Streep in a white chef's outfit playing Julia Child

25 Feel-Good Films You’ll Want to Watch Again—and Again

Anxious? Here are some of the best and most rewatch-friendly movies to soothe your mind.

David Sims

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Sarah Cooper on "Everything's Fine"

Sarah Cooper’s Humor Is Not What You Thought

The comedian went viral for “playing Trump,” but in her new Netflix special, Everything’s Fine, she shows how unusual her comedic taste can be.

Shirley Li

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A smoking fracking project sits behind a suburban subdivision and beneath a gray, smoggy sky.

The Weekly Planet: The Secret Political Power of Fossil Fuels

Coal and fracking don’t work like other declining industries, and that matters for Democrats.

Robinson Meyer

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Two men stand in front of a glowing church, with the silhouettes of protesters behind them

When a White Republican Teen Invited a Black Pastor to Preach in His Hometown

From our Friendship Files series

Julie Beck

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Elizabeth Acevedo

The Books Briefing: When Poets Write Novels

background in poetry can enrich the process of writing fiction, helping writers create descriptive and emotionally resonant works.

Kate Cray

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My Boyfriend Is Sending Me Mixed Signals

The latest Dear Therapist

Lori Gottlieb

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