Plus, Robinson Meyer on why the Supreme Court’s EPA ruling is going to be very expensive and Amanda Mull on why the U.S. isn’t allowed to have the best sunscreen.
TheAtlantic: Weekly Wednesday Jul 6, 2022
A 2017 photo of then-President Donald Trump wearing a blue suit and tie, standing in a dark corridor

The People v. Donald Trump

The evidence for a possible criminal case against the former president is piling up.

A picture of Joe Biden with his hand in front of his mouth

Is Biden a Man Out of Time?

Democrats have a growing sense of panic about conservative advances but are not seeing a president who shares their urgency.

A line illustration of a woman’s body with arrows suggesting divergent paths.

Where France Differs on Abortion

The French and Americans once saw eye to eye on reproductive rights. Today, not so much.

Ted Cruz walking through the Capitol on January 6, 2021

Don’t Forget That 43 Senate Republicans Let Trump Get Away With It

The former president attempted to violently overthrow the government of the United States, and his party ensured that he would face no consequences for doing so.

An image of Donald Trump standing in front of an American flag

The Reason Liz Cheney Is Narrating the January 6 Story

The committee is laying out the facts in a way optimally designed to cultivate trust.

Emissions rise from a generating station.

The Supreme Court’s EPA Ruling Is Going to Be Very, Very Expensive

The agency can still regulate carbon pollution, just not in the most efficient, system-wide ways.

light shining into a dark space through an opening doorway

Why I’m Talking About My Abortion

I’ve never regretted it, and other women need the choice that I had.

A coronavirus on a red stop sign

America Is Sliding Into the Long Pandemic Defeat

In the face of government inaction, the country’s best chance at keeping the crisis from spiraling relies on everyone to keep caring.

A child in a white hat with lots of sunscreen on her face

You’re Not Allowed to Have the Best Sunscreens in the World

Newer, better UV-blocking agents have been in use in other countries for years. Why can’t we have them here?

.Travelers disperse as they exit a section of an airport.

Air Travel Is a Disaster Right Now. Here’s Why.

The U.S. seems to suffer from chronic Nothing Works Syndrome.

A glitchy image of a horse on a blue background, with "Everything happens so much" written across it

The 10-Year-Old Tweet That Still Defines the Internet

A cryptic utterance from a supposed spambot never lost its relevance.

An image of two stacks of dirty plates, one towering over the other

Lessons From 40 Men in Egalitarian Relationships

In many households, men think like helpers and women think like managers. A gender expert’s new book suggests ways for couples to escape that dynamic.

Kate Bush on stage

The Kate Bush Resurgence Is a Reminder That We Can Have Nice Things

Songs like “Running Up That Hill” stay in rotation not because of nostalgia but because they’re timeless.