Plus, Justin Trudeau’s reelection bid forces the left to ask whether it prioritizes policy victories or ideological purity, and Hannah Giorgis reports on the problem with fixating on botched-plastic-surgery stories
TheAtlantic: Weekly Wednesday Sep 22, 2021
A drawing of a person walking down a path through the mountains, looking at a compass with a smiley-face design

Go for a Walk

What I learned about transcendence from a very boring 100-mile trek

Stack of about 30 vintage TV sets, on light-purple background, showing various Black TV series over the decades

Most Hollywood Writers’ Rooms Look Nothing Like America

Could that finally be changing?

A mosaic photo illustration of a daguerreotype of a formerly enslaved woman

The Dark Underside of Representations of Slavery

Will the Black body ever have the opportunity to rest in peace?

Two syringes rendered in the shape of checkmarks, one in the shape of a question mark

You Might Want to Wait to Get a Booster Shot

There are no simple rules for timing on a third jab—but maybe don’t rush it.

A woman holds a sign reading "Refuse Biden mandates!!!"

Why Biden Bet It All on Mandates

The president’s decision could cost Democrats in 2022 and 2024. He doesn’t care.


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Justin Trudeau in profile with his blurred mirror image behind him

Moral Perfection Can Wait

Justin Trudeau’s reelection bid forces the left to ask whether it prioritizes policy victories or ideological purity.

Black-and-white close-up image of an adult hand holding a child's hand

Parents Are Lying to Get Their Little Kids Vaccinated

It’s surprisingly easy to get unauthorized COVID-19 vaccines for 10- and 11-year-olds who can “pass” for 12.

Inside of a hospital.

The Danger of Treating Everything as an Emergency

To declare a crisis without a limiting principle is to invite abuse.

A photo illustration featuring Eric Scmitt, the attorney general of Missouri, superimposed on images of a mask, a map, and the U.S. Capitol

Missouri Is the Next Front in the COVID Culture War

Can Eric Schmitt—Missouri’s anti-mandate attorney general—sue his way to the U.S. Senate?

Two hands reaching toward each other, surrounded by blue and red dots

What the Never Trumpers Want Now

The former cultural core of the GOP is exiting the party. The Democrats should keep those voters in their corner. Here’s how to do it.

Louise Melling in black and white on a background of colorful geometric objects

The Culture War Over ‘Pregnant People’

Some advocates on the left want America to talk about pregnancy and birth in gender-neutral terms. But this language change might not be so easy for the country to embrace.

an illustration of a Black woman sitting on a bed with posters of Cardi B and Lizzo behind her

What Makes a Black Woman Real?

The problem with fixating on botched-plastic-surgery stories

Two anchors on the set of "The Morning Show"

The Morning Show Has Become a Camp Masterpiece

Just embrace the chaos.