David Frum on why the GOP keeps losing elections and Megan Garber on the blurred the line between fiction and reality.
TheAtlantic: Weekly Monday Feb 6, 2023
Photo illustration of group of Republicans, including Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kevin McCarthy, and others, standing in a circle and shouting on red background

The GOP Is Just Obnoxious

It’s why the party keeps losing elections.

Illustration: small abstract human figure stands in between rows of huge glowing smartphone screens

We’ve Lost the Plot

Our constant need for entertainment has blurred the line between fiction and reality—on television, in American politics, and in our everyday lives.

An illustration showing three graveyard crosses, each more deeply buried than the one before.

American Christianity Is Due for a Revival

Our society is secularizing, and Christianity seems to be in long-term decline. But renewal is possible.

A photo of Biden and Trump gesturing toward each other in a TV debate.

Biden’s Document Issue Is Nothing Like Trump’s

So enough with the long-faced chin-scratching, Democrats.

Black-and-white illustration of small figure casting long shadow in open doorway of large grid wall with stock data

The Man Who Moves Markets

Carson Block uses covert techniques to uncover fraud for profit. Now he’s under investigation himself. Is he the hero of Wall Street, or the villain?

illustration of mirror images of man in suit and fedora facing each other in black and white on red background

A New Way to Read Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald never explicitly states Jay Gatsby’s race.

A memorial for Tyre Nichols in Boston

Tyre Nichols Wanted to Capture the Sunset

The 29-year-old deserved more chances to observe life’s ordinary miracles.

Balloons, flowers, and stuffed animals adorn a stop sign at the corner of Castlegate Lane and Bear Creek Cove.

How Did It Come to This?

Memphis authorities reacted swiftly to Tyre Nichols's killing. Now comes the hard part.

An illustration of a hand holding marionette strings. The hand is filled with binary code.

ChatGPT Is About to Dump More Work on Everyone

Artificial intelligence could spare you some effort. Even if it does, it will create a lot more work in the process.

a checkerboard of starry night sky and various items: an hourglass, a melting birthday cake, a ticking clock, a comet, a space calculator

The Existential Wonder of Space

How old will you be when Halley’s Comet comes back? When people walk on Mars? When we explore Jupiter’s mysterious, icy moon?

A black-and-white photo of Tom Brady

The Bathos of Brady

Why the greatest quarterback of all time struggled to leave the field

A light bulb superimposed on a woman's face

Psychedelics Open Your Brain. You Might Not Like What Falls In.

Reshaping your mind isn’t always a great idea.

Illustration of a person covered in post-it notes, which a small dog on their shoulder is trying to pull away

The Hidden Link Between Workaholism and Mental Health

Long hours on the job can temporarily ease the symptoms of depression and anxiety. But you’re better off leaving the office and facing your feelings head-on.