Plus: America’s coming coronavirus mental-health crisis, Ramadan under lockdown, truly innovative films unlike anything you’ve seen before, and more
TheAtlantic: WeeklyThursday May 28, 2020
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Graves in a cemetery

Grappling With a Terrible Milestone: One Hundred Thousand Dead

To mourn in a moment of collective trauma is to experience not one but multiple layers of loss.

Meghan O'Rourke

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A U.S. map shaded in with coronavirus particles

America’s Patchwork Pandemic Is Fraying Even Further

The coronavirus is coursing through different parts of the U.S. in different ways, making the crisis harder to predict, control, or understand.

Ed Yong

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Two swabs forming an ex

‘How Could the CDC Make That Mistake?’

The government’s disease-fighting agency is conflating viral and antibody tests, compromising a few crucial metrics that governors depend on to reopen their economies.

Alexis C. Madrigal and Robinson Meyer

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Members of the People's Liberation Army stand in front of a poster featuring Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The End of Hong Kong

China has moved to take away the city’s autonomy, one of several aggressive actions by Beijing across the region.

Timothy McLaughlin

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Is Everyone Depressed?

Suddenly, many people meet the criteria for clinical depression. Doctors are scrambling to determine who needs urgent intervention, and who is simply the new normal.

James Hamblin

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30 Movies That Are Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before

These films, each unforgettable in its own way, are essential viewing.

David Sims

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25 Half-Hour Shows to Watch Now

Our picks for immersive, escapist, or nostalgic reading—wherever you are

Sophie Gilbert

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illustration of a bird

Why Birds Do What They Do

The more humans understand about their behavior, the more inaccessible their world seems.

Jenny Odell

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Celebrating Ramadan Before the Pandemic

What Muslims were not be able to experience under lockdown this year.

Arsh Raziuddin and Nesima Aberra

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Your Socially Distanced Summer-Reading List

Twenty titles for all your warm-weather moods: Your weekly guide to the best in books

Rosa Inocencio Smith

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Introducing Our Sunday Crossword

We’re expanding our puzzles to the weekend, and launching a new feature so that you can play with friends.

Caleb Madison

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My Boyfriend Had an Affair and Now We’re Stuck at Home Together

Our latest Dear Therapist

Lori Gottlieb

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Poem: Counting Song

A poem for Sunday

Lindsay Turner

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