A Walk in the Woods: A Photo Appreciation of Trees
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A Walk in the Woods: A Photo Appreciation of Trees

A collection of images of unusual, intriguing, and beautiful trees and forests around the world.


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Wildfires Across Southern Europe

Recent high temperatures and dry, windy conditions in Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, France, and Portugal have resulted in thousands of small wildfires and a few large large blazes.



Swan Upping on the River Thames

The annual Swan Upping began today in London, England—a five-day census counting swans and young cygnets belonging to the Queen.



Photos of the Week: 7/8–7/14

Beer yoga in Australia, utter destruction in Mosul, Iraq, the Running of the Bulls in Spain, wildfires in California, and much more.



2017 Audubon Photography Awards

Spectacular wildlife photography: the winners and runners-up from the 2017 Audubon Photography Awards competition.



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