The psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb advises a reader who is looking to persuade her stepdaughter to move on from her relationship.
Monday, May 29, 2023

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Dear Therapist: How Can I Get My Stepdaughter to Dump Her Dead-End Boyfriend?

My stepdaughter is 35 years old and has been in a relationship with a 38-year-old man for five years. He is an only child with odd parents and is a bit odd himself. It takes so much patience to deal with his idiosyncrasies—such as his food habits, for example.

He comes to our house for holiday meals and never brings anything, but comes with containers to take food home. He never buys gifts for my stepdaughter. They have been going to weddings of her friends, but it doesn’t occur to him to think of marriage or making a commitment to her.

She bought her own condo three years ago, but he seems content with a tiny apartment. She is sort of resigned to this dead-end relationship, but I need a good way to convince her that she can move on. Help.

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