The Senate is two days into the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. We’ve got the latest from Washington.
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It’s Wednesday, January 22.

In today’s issue: The Senate is two days into the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. We’ve got the latest from Washington.

Ideas in the News


Jeff Bezos’s reported phone hack tells a bigger story about the way the über-rich interact.

“It felt like the setup to a joke: So the richest tech CEO in the world and a crown prince were texting one day ...” Alexis Madrigal writes of newly revealed allegations about a 2018 incident.


As his criminal trial begins in New York, Harvey Weinstein is leveraging his personal pain.

“The mogul seems to believe that the language of pain used by his accusers applies just as readily to himself,” Megan Garber argues.


A federal court dismissed a climate lawsuit brought by 21 American children.

Our staff writer Robinson Meyer was moved by one judge's dissent: "I urge you to read it."


The Sundance Film Festival, which often sets the tone for the year in cinema, kicks off tomorrow.

Last year’s buzz created a “feeding frenzy” between movie studios. This year, expect “a less feverish affair.”

Evening Read

From Our Archives

Is America ready for the next pandemic?

In 1918, a flu swept the world, killing as much as 5 percent of the population in just two years. One hundred years later, our science reporter Ed Yong set out on a mission: to see whether America would be prepared for the next pandemic.

“I fully expected that the answer would be no,” he reported in this 2018 feature for our magazine. “What I found, after talking with dozens of experts, was more complicated—reassuring in some ways, but even more worrying than I’d imagined in others.”

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