Welcome to Up for Debate

Let’s converse here, instead of on social media.

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Han Castanedo

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When the social-media era began, I hoped that Facebook and Twitter would enable better conversations among people trying to think through our complicated world together. I’ve learned a lot and interacted with wonderful strangers on both platforms. But over time they’ve become hostile time-sucks warped by bad actors, flawed algorithms, and perverse incentives to perform rather than engage.

Let’s converse here instead.

Each week in this newsletter, I’ll highlight especially timely and interesting conversations, so that keeping up with our sprawling public discourse is less of a time-suck. Then I’ll pose questions or suggest conversation topics to readers, pore over the ensuing correspondence, and publish the best of it for you a few days later.

The hope is for a growing community of curious people who are wildly diverse in most respects, but united by a belief in the value of smart, constructive conversation. If all goes well, we’ll seek truth together, laugh in the process, better understand one another’s values and perspectives, and add more light than heat to the day’s controversies.

Please join us––and why not invite your most thoughtful friend, too?