The Atlantic Daily: Three Hints About Our Climate Future

The big Glasgow summit on climate change offers clues about our climate future. Also: Does having kids make you happier?

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The United Nations’ annual summit on climate change is in a frantic push for a final agreement. But no matter the outcome of the high-profile proceedings in Glasgow, the global checkup has already previewed where the conversation goes from here.

  • Nuclear power is having a hot moment. Meltdowns gave the technology a bad rap. This year “it’s been invited to the cool kids’ table,” Robinson Meyer points out in his latest.

  • All eyes are on methane. A new international pact to limit emissions of the gas is “unusually good near-term climate news,” Rob tells me. But “the deal is like fiddling at the margins, because it … doesn’t reduce our overall use of oil and gas, which is what truly matters.”

  • Climate justice is top of mind. The costs of the coming crisis will be borne unequally. Right now, the world is on track for a sort of demi-armageddon, Emma Marris explains: The planet may avoid the worst outcome—but certain populations will get stuck with the burden.

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The news in three sentences:

(1) Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko threatened to cut off gas supply to Europe amid the crisis on the Belarus-Poland border. (2) An appeals court granted former President Donald Trump’s request to delay the release of records related to the January 6 assault on the Capitol. (3) President Joe Biden faces new pressure to address rising inflation in the fallout from yesterday’s Labor Department report.

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