The Atlantic Daily: Still Stuck in the Pandemic Blues? You’re Not Alone.

The pandemic blues are still here. Also: Here are some hot tips to find your hot streak at work.

If you’re not feeling 100 percent, you’re not alone: In a recent NPR poll, half of households reported that someone in the home was experiencing serious problems with depression, anxiety, stress, or sleep. One biweekly Census Bureau survey estimated that almost one in three Americans was experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety alone.

Even after all this time, after all that supposed adjusting to a “new normal,” Americans are still struggling with their mental health under the weight of a once-in-a-lifetime outbreak—and all the grief and hurting that’s coming with it.

A black and white photo of protestors holding an anti-mandate sign
(Tayfun Coskun / Anadolu Agency / Getty)

The news in three sentences:

(1) The White House set a January 4 deadline for large businesses to comply with its COVID-19 vaccine-mandate program. (2) The judge in the trial for Ahmaud Arbery’s killing said there appeared to be “intentional discrimination” in the selection of the nearly all-white jury. (3) Congress is still working on passing that big bill, and even thinking about voting on it soon.

Today’s Atlantic-approved activity:

Watch ​​Girl Walk // All Day, a dance film from 2011. “I guarantee it will brighten your day,” our critic David Sims wrote last year. You can stream it for free online.

A break from the news:

Hot streaks in your career don’t happen by accident.