The Atlantic Daily: Missouri Is a Warning

The Delta bump is here. For hospital workers, that means reliving a nightmare. Then: recommendations for the weekend.

A man wheels out a guerney. A body on the guerney covered by a flag and first responders salute in the background.
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In Missouri, the reprieve was brief. Now the hospitals are full again—some fuller than they were last time.

My colleague Ed Yong has a wrenching new report on the state of hospitals there, where unvaccinated communities are being pummeled by the Delta variant. The majority of hospitalized people had not gotten their shots.

​​The state’s southwest region serves as a cautionary tale, Ed warns.

The patients are younger.

They’re also doing worse. “Every physician and nurse in Missouri whom I spoke with told me that the 30- and 40-something COVID-19 patients they’re now seeing are much sicker than those they saw last year,” Ed reports.

Health-care workers are tired and frustrated.

They are battling exhaustion and trying to swallow their resentment toward unvaccinated patients. “You’re just angry,” one told Ed, “and you feel guilty for getting angry, because they’re sick and dying.”

Some patients don’t realize that they’re seriously ill until it’s too late.

One worker recalls a conversation with an elderly patient: “He said, ‘I’m embarrassed that I’m here,’ … He wanted to talk about the vaccine, and in the back of my mind I’m thinking, You have a very high likelihood of not leaving the hospital.

Read Ed’s report.

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