The Atlantic Daily: Our Post-vaccination Behavior Is Slipping

Spring is thawing America—perhaps a little too quickly, one writer argues.

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It turns out that vaccine purgatory is rife with temptation. With every degree warmer, every vaccine dose put into an arm, the pull of our glorious, better summer grows.

Americans, ever eager for this to all be over, are racing toward the end of the pandemic.

One question, answered: An anonymous reader says their daughter’s motivation has slipped over the past year: “What should I do?”

Abby Freireich and Brian Platzer respond in our latest “Homeroom” column:

This is a trying time for both children, who are struggling to stay motivated in school, and their parents, who are desperate to support them. Can anyone blame a teenager for feeling overwhelmed or detached? That’s where your focus as a parent needs to be: on her overall well-being. Z’s academic success will follow her happiness.

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Meditate. Or don’t. “I’m not groping toward the white light of nothingness that irradiates all phenomena; I’m stewing in the somethingness.” Read James Parker’s ode to the practice of not meditating.

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You’ve been lied to about lying.