The Atlantic Daily: The ‘Hate Crime’ Label Isn’t Enough

Following the Atlanta shootings, calls to address anti-Asian racism in America have intensified.

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Last week’s shootings in the Atlanta area, which killed eight people, six of whom were Asian women, have intensified calls to confront anti-Asian racism.

“The present hour feels like an awakening for the people of Asia and of Asian descent,” our contributing writer Alex Wagner observes. “It is impossible to ignore the cries for justice sweeping the globe.”

One question, answered: Do the coronavirus vaccines cure long COVID?

Our staff writer Katherine J. Wu illuminates what we know so far:

A scattering of long-haulers report that their COVID-19 symptoms have mysteriously faded after their shots—an astounding and unexpected pattern that’s captured the attention of experts worldwide.

Stories of symptoms that subside after the shots are intriguing, experts told me. But no clinical trials have tested whether the vaccines can act as makeshift therapeutics for long COVID, either. It’s still unclear how common these ebbs in illness are, or how fleeting they might be. In patient-led surveys, at least as many long-haulers are reporting no postvaccination change in symptoms; a small percentage said that the shots have so far made their illness worse.

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