The Atlantic Daily: 3 Winners of the Election

The Oval Office wasn’t the only thing on the line this year.

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The presidential contest appears likely to drag on at least one more agonizing day. But the Oval Office wasn’t the only thing on the line this year. We explore three winners of this cycle.

1. Populism

It will take more than unifying rhetoric to sway the more than 68 million Americans who cast their ballots for Trump this year,” Yasmeen Serhan reports. (What is populism anyway? Earlier this year, Yasmeen argued that the definition has become murky.)

2. QAnon

Two supporters of the conspiracy theory won seats in the House of Representatives. “QAnon is not just on the internet anymore; it’s in the U.S. Capitol,” our technology reporter Kaitlyn Tiffany writes. “It is not just a conspiracy theory anymore; it’s a voting bloc.

3. Never Trumpers (and Quasi–Never Trumpers)

“If Biden holds on while Republicans keep the Senate, Never Trump Republicans will have achieved their goal of ousting the president without simultaneously empowering Democrats to enact a fully progressive agenda that they never supported,” our politics writer Russell Berman, who covered Republican Senator Susan Collins’s victory in Maine, told me.


What to read if … you’re worried that Donald Trump will meddle with the results:

Despite tweets ordering otherwise, the president is powerless to stop ballot counting, our staff writer David A. Graham points out.

What to read if … you just want it to be over:

What does over mean anyway? “Endings are seductive,” Megan Garber wrote on the eve of the election. “They suggest order, and resolution, and relief. But they don’t always suggest the world as it is.

What to read if … you’re feeling anxious:

Our happiness columnist, Arthur C. Brooks, offers advice for how to cope with your election agony.

What to read if … you need a break from it all:

Here are 25 of the best and most rewatch-friendly movies to soothe your mind. (I, personally, will be considering 2009’s Julie & Julia.) Feeling too jittery for a movie? How about a half-hour show instead?

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