The Atlantic Daily: The Restaurants Are Only the Beginning

We don’t yet know the full economic toll this outbreak will take, but here’s our preview of the difficult road ahead.

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The silent storefronts feel like an omen. Yesterday, our staff writer Franklin Foer took a walk in his empty neighborhood. Frank found himself tearing up, prematurely mourning the local businesses that will fall to this pandemic, leaving the people that staff them out of work.

We don’t yet know the full economic toll this outbreak will take, but here’s our preview of the difficult road ahead:


What to read if … you’re feeling anxious:

Lori Gottlieb, whom you may know as our Dear Therapist columnist, offers some guidance: “You can let anxiety consume you, or you can feel the fear and also find joy in ordinary life, even now.”

What to read if … you just want practical advice:  

What to read if … you’d like to read about something—anything—other than the coronavirus:

We’ve got good news for all you weirdos, rebels, and misfits.

Tip of the day: Don’t forget to offer support to others, whether tangible (dropping off food at their door) or emotional (checking in to see how your friends and family are doing).

One question, answered: Several readers asked, “Can I still go for a walk, run, or hike?” Probably.

Even San Francisco, which is currently under a shelter-in-place mandate, makes exceptions for activities like walking your dog and exercising outdoors, as long as residents keep other people at a distance.

Here’s what one expert told Kaitlyn Tiffany:

If you don’t have symptoms, going out in nature where you are not within six feet of other people is okay. We need to look after our mental and physical health, and fresh air, nature, and exercise are really important for that. However, meeting people is risky and could undermine our collective sacrifice to reduce viral transmission, especially if you don’t keep your distance. If you do go out with a friend, stay at least six feet away and avoid physical contact.

We are continuing our coverage of the coronavirus. View all of our stories related to the outbreak here. Let us know if you have specific questions about the virus—or if you have a personal experience you’d like to share with us.

This was written by Caroline Mimbs Nyce, with help from Shan Wang and Isabel Fattal, and edited by Michael Owen.

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