The Atlantic Daily: The Government Needs to Move Faster

Here’s what we’re thinking about as America awaits a congressional stimulus package.

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Brace yourself for a string of more bad economic news.

The stock market has lost more than a third of its value. America will likely set a record for joblessness claims this week. Private projections are bleak. On Friday, the investment bank Goldman Sachs estimated a 24 percent drop in economic growth in the second quarter.

As one expert put it, the economy currently sits in a medically necessary coma, a freeze on activity designed to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.

Now the government must ensure the patient can someday wake back up. But a trillion-dollar aid package is currently caught up in a multiday, partisan back-and-forth on Capitol Hill.

As Americans await its passage, here’s a recap on where things currently stand on the economic front:

What to read if … you just want practical advice:

One question, answered: A few readers wondered whether they should practice social distancing within their household—by, say, isolating themselves from a spouse.

Kaitlyn Tiffany asked some experts, and here’s what two of them had to say.

Albert Ko, the chair of the epidemiology department at the Yale School of Public Health:

That’s really hard to do. Again, what we’re really worried about is large gatherings. In the home, close contact is almost inevitable.

Crystal Watson, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security:

If you get sick, try to maintain some distance. Otherwise, households should go about their normal business.

What to read if … you’d like to read about something—anything—other than the coronavirus:

We could all use some puppy photos right now. In honor of National Puppy Day, our photo editor Alan Taylor has given you just that.

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