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The director Bryan Singer has been trailed by accusations of sexual misconduct for decades. Plus questioning theories of extraterrestrial life, women’s restroom lines, hagfish slime, and more

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‘Nobody is going to believe you’: The director Bryan Singer has been dogged by sexual-misconduct accusations for decades. The Atlantic spent 12 months investigating various lawsuits and allegations against Singer, whose Bohemian Rhapsody just this week received an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. Here, Singer’s alleged victims now tell their stories.

When a Harvard professor talks about proof of alien life, reporters come knocking. The astrophysicist Avi Loeb made the case in a recent paper that a mysterious space rock known as ‘Oumuamua, stunning in that it resembles nothing else in in the solar system, could in fact be an alien probe. That the theory took off might have a lot do with Loeb’s willingness in interviews to speak of his theory as a certainty—as well as the cachet of the institution he works for.

The media narrative on the fracas between MAGA-clad high-schoolers and an American Indian elder has shifted as more details have emerged, and the zigzagging isn’t always in pursuit of the truth: “The overcorrection is not about getting it right; it is about convincing people who will never trust the media to trust the media,” argues Adam Serwer.

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Hagfish slime


What is covering that car? Hagfish are writhing, tubular animals that look conspicuously similar to eels, with one big difference: They emit a staggering amount of slime. A hagfish can release a teaspoon of gunk from its glands, and in half of second, that amount can balloon to 10,000 times that size.
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Women's bathroom lines

(Tim Clayton / Corbis)

Since the 1970s, dozens of city and state governments have aimed for  “potty parity”—the goal of giving men and women equal access to public bathrooms. Yet, while toilet access has improved somewhat, women still have to endure longer lines than man. Sexism, of course, is a major factor at play, but the disparity also has to do with plumbing codes that often don’t account for the needs of women
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