The Atlantic Daily: More U.S. Troops Head to Iraq

Hundreds of advisers will train Iraqi soldiers, Jeb’s jaunt to Europe, and more...

Hadi Mizban / AP

What's Happening: More U.S. Troops Ordered to Iraq

After admitting his ISIS policy wasn’t “complete” earlier this week, President Obama today authorized deployment of 450 advisers to train troops in Iraq.

Shifting targets: Just weeks ago, there were hopes that after retaking Saddam Hussein’s hometown of Tikrit, Iraqi troops might dislodge ISIS from Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city. Instead, the American advisers will help their Iraqi counterparts try to win back the smaller city of Ramadi, which was overrun by ISIS last month.

A grim anniversary: Wednesday marked the one-year anniversary of Mosul’s capture by ISIS. Residents there spoke of life under ISIS as one of both intense order (clean streets) and intense horror (public floggings and extreme punishments). The group also appears to be heavily fortifying the city in anticipation of an offensive against it.


A 1968 house built on a rock in the river Drina about 100 miles outside of Belgrade, Serbia, on May 22, 2013. For more images of unusual homes check out The Atlantic Photo. (Marko Djurica / Reuters)


  • Russell Berman: “As he has before, the president turned both to statistics and personal stories to highlight the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. And with hundreds of Catholics in the audience, Obama made an explicitly moral argument for the law.”
  • Adrienne LaFrance: “Researchers know that, like other respiratory viruses, MERS is highly contagious because it is spread through droplets—from when a person coughs or sneezes, for instance. But other mechanics of how the virus behaves are a mystery.”
  • David A. Graham: “It’s like being stuck in endless sequels to the movie Taken. A carefree Republican presidential candidate heads to Europe. The voyage promises to be fun and low-key—a chance to learn and have a good time—but then everything suddenly spins out of control.

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Evening Read

Fareed Zakaria on how the often mocked Millennial generation is merely responding to a changing world:

After centuries of bemoaning the fact that the young are too rebellious and disrespectful, the problem today, it appears, is that they are not rebellious and disrespectful enough. They aren’t willing to challenge conventional wisdom, neither the liberal pieties that offended Allan Bloom nor the conservative ones that gall Deresiewicz. After having been pilloried for trying to destroy the bourgeois order in the 1960s and 1970s, youth are now scorned for being too bourgeois. Too many young people, it seems, are well adjusted, responsible, and looking for good jobs. If only they would wander off campus and study tantric rituals, smoke pot, read Hegel, and stage a sit-in or two—then they would show us their inner souls.


Airline emissions eyed, trade vote looms, the Cavs tough it out, New York prison breakers sought, Hillary Instagrams, and Homer and Marge separate.

ANSWERS: 2005, 27TH, $32 BILLION