The Atlantic Daily: Is Chris Christie Better Late Than Never?

Another Republican jumps in, Greece teeters on the brink, and more ...

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What’s Happening: Chris Christie Finally Announces

With a baker’s dozen of Republican presidential candidates already on the slate, can the New Jersey governor rekindle the magic? The once-beloved Christie enters the field a diminished contender now tarnished by scandal and much less popular than he was in 2012. Nevertheless, there should be some fireworks. As David Graham notes in The Atlantic, “Christie has always thrived off his opponents’ bile, meeting theirs with his own, doubled.”

Greece fire: The country is headed for default after failing to secure an eleventh-hour deal with its European creditors. As Greece prepares to vote on a referendum to accept a repayment proposal, major economists are split over whether it’s actually a good deal. If Greece votes “no,” it will not automatically leave the Eurozone.

Obama tackles overtime: The president announced he would more than double the salary threshold for Americans workers to qualify for overtime pay. Proponents say the expansion of time-and-a-half will create jobs. Opponents say it will kill jobs. Economists say its impact on the economy is likely to be moderate at best.


A smoke plume from the Lake Fire in the San Bernardino National Forest is seen at sunset, rising over the Coachella Valley from Palm Springs, California, on June 18, 2015. See more pictures of the Western wildfires at The Atlantic photo. (Sam Mircovich / Reuters)

Outstanding Question

Is “smart” the opposite of “great?” When we tell children they are smart, we may be setting them up for a life of stubbornness and frustration. Once the “smart” label has crystallized, some researchers believe that it gets tougher for a gifted child to take a risk because any failure runs counter to this self-perception. “Mistakes grow your brain,” Stanford University professor Jo Boaler told the Aspen Ideas Festival.

News Quiz

1. On average, people estimate that they’ll go to the gym ___________ as often in a month than they actually do.

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2. With the entry of Chris Christie today, there are now __ GOP candidates running in the 2016 presidential primary.

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3. An Indiegogo page started by a British man to help solve the Greek debt default crisis hopes to raise ____________.

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Lester Holt scores, Obama surges, United Church of Christ divests, prison workers suspended, nature soothes, and Puerto Rico buckles.