End-of-Day Wrap-Up: Indiana Backs Down

Indiana's "religious freedom" law takes heavy fire, a look at the potential of single-sex schooling, and more

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What's Happening: Indiana Battles a Backlash

The Hoosier State's Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which was signed last week, has engendered both controversy and confusion. Many say the bill has potentially discriminatory implications, particularly for same-sex couples. Others suggest that Indiana's legislation isn't out of line with similar ones passed on the state and federal levels. Not so fast, Garrett Epps argues in The Atlantic.

Who's pushing back: The CEO of cloud-computing behemoth Salesforce announced it was "canceling programs" requiring travel to Indiana. Alt-country rockers Wilco called off their upcoming show in Indianapolis. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo banned all non-essential state-funded travel to Indiana. "FIX THIS NOW" read Tuesday's cover of the Indianapolis Star.

What may happen next: On Tuesday, Governor Mike Pence asked for a bill that would clarify the existing one. "In backing away from the law, Pence and other leaders revealed how quickly the political landscape of marriage equality has shifted in just a few years," wrote David Graham. There were also calls for an outright repeal of the law from politicians and businesses.


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Outstanding Question

Can public all-boys schools close education gaps? In Washington, D.C., only 49 percent of boys graduate high school versus 66 percent of girls. The city plans to open a boys-only college-preparatory high school with hopes that it can close that gap. However, research is inconclusive about whether single-sex schooling is more effective, with some education experts saying that diversity is an important factor in education. A boys-only public school may also face Title XI issues, as there are no plans to open a similar school for girls.

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