A Deadly Bus Crash in Germany

Eighteen people are feared dead in Bavaria.


Eighteen people are feared dead and 30 injured after a tour bus collided with a truck and burst into flames on a highway in southern Germany.

“Thirty passengers were taken to hospitals, some with serious injuries,” police said in a statement. “The others are believed to have died in the burning tour bus.”

The collision occurred shortly after 7 a.m. local time on the A9 highway near Stammbach, Bavaria. Police said the tour bus, which was carrying 46 passengers and two drivers, hit a truck and burst into flames. German police said those on board were tourists from Saxony. The southbound section of the A9 highway has been closed as fire trucks, ambulances, rescue workers, and police converged on the area. It’s unclear what caused the collision; traffic was moving slowly at the time.

“It’s madness,” Stammbach Mayor Karl Philipp Ehrler said. “This is just catastrophic.”