The Victims of the Attack in Nice

Eighty-four people were killed on Bastille Day in the French city. This is what we know about them.

Francois Mori / AP

We are learning more about those killed in Thursday’s attack in Nice, France. French authorities say 84 people lost their lives when a truck drove through a crowd celebrating Bastille Day. The death toll could rise as dozens in the hospital are, in the words of French President François Hollande, “between life and death.”

Here is an updating list of those killed:

Selma Al Khofor, 18

Al Khofor, a student from Berlin, was participating in a class trip to southern France, according to Nice-Matin. Her teacher, Saskia Schabel, and friend, Silan Aydin, were also among the victims.

Maria Grazia Ascoli, 79; Mario Casati, 90; Gianna Muset, 68; Angelo D’Agostino, 71

The Italian nationals were identified among those killed in the Bastille Day attack, the Italian Foreign ministry said according to Reuters.

Silan Aydin, 19

Aydin, a Berlin native, was participating in a class trip to southern France, according to Le Progrès. Her brother Harun said she wanted to become a doctor or a scientist.

“She wanted to change the world,” he told German newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

Mykhaylo Bazelevskyy, 22   

Bazelevskyy, originally from Ukraine, was one of five students participating in a three-week-long innovation program in Nice through the European Innovation Academy, according to a statement from MacEwan University in Edmonton, Canada.

The university described Bazelevskyy, who went by “Misha,” as an active member of the campus community, saying:

There is no greater loss to a university than a student who has so much life and promise ahead of him. Misha was a student in the School of Business and was very active in student life at MacEwan. He was a residence advisor, a game-day assistant in athletics, and a member of MacEwan’s men’s cross-country team ... I know everyone joins with me in expressing our profound sympathy to Misha’s family at this most terrible time. Misha will be deeply missed by his friends at MacEwan.

Myriam Bellazouz, 29, and her mother, Léa Mignaçabal, 68

The Nice natives were attending the fireworks with a colleague and his family before the small group got separated, Nice-Matin reported. Bellazouz, an accomplished lawyer known for her passion and generosity, was honored by her colleagues, who laid a wreath for her and her mother on the Promenade des Anglais.

Jacques Randon, the head of the bar in Nice, told Nice-Matin:

“I want to remind everyone of her talent, her passion, her smile, and her dedication to the bar. We wanted to show you how Myriam was appreciated by all.”

Alina Bogdanova, 27

Bogdanova, a Russian student at the University of Perpignan in southern France, was spending the weekend with friends in Nice, according to Le Figaro. She was completing her master’s degree at the university’s Institute of Business Administration and spent the summer interning with Airbus in Toulouse, France.

“May she rest in peace and stay with our hearts and minds,” Institute President Raymond Brunet Planas said in a Facebook post.

David Bonnet, 44

Bonnet, a father and fish farmer, attended the Bastille Day celebrations with his partner. He was the son of the first deputy mayor of Nérondes, in central France. His death was confirmed by the town’s website:

The Municipality of Nérondes lost one of its children on July 14 in the Nice attack … This terrible tragedy that has struck this family leaves us in shock—there are no words that might comfort them.

He is survived by his 21-year-old daughter.

Rémédios Borja, 25, and her son, Joseph, 7

Borja was attending the Bastille Day celebrations with her husband, mother, and three children, according to Paris Match. Her seven-year-old son, Joseph, was also among those killed.

Laura Borla, 14

Borla joined the Bastille Day festivities with her twin sister and their mother before getting separated from them in the midst of the chaos, The New York Times reports. Her family learned of her death Sunday, and her 19-year-old sister Lucie posted on Facebook saying, “We miss you already; we will love you always.”

Adib Bousfiha, 51

Bousfiha, a native of Beaucroissant, France, was on vacation with his wife and their two children, according to France Bleu. A wheelchair user, Bousfiha was fatally struck by the truck. Though his two children survived the attack, his wife, Celine, is still missing.

Beaucroissant Mayor Georges Civet told Agence France-Presse:

“It’s not easy, they are looking for their mother. They don’t know if she is among the injured.”

Aldjia Bouzaouit, 42

The mother of four from Sétif, Algeria, was attending the Bastille Day fireworks with her loved ones. Her sister, Celoua, told Nice-Matin that Bouzaouit had wanted to enjoy ice cream on the Promenade.

“When faced with the truck, we all scattered,” she said.

Odile Caléo; Mathias Billiez; Jocelyne Caléo

Odile Caléo and Billiez, both teachers in Nice, went to watch the fireworks with Caléo’s mother, Jocelyne, her sister, and Odile’s three children, according to Nice-Matin. Billiez, Caléo, and her mother were killed in the attack.

Fondation Don Bosco, where Billiez taught mathematics, paid tribute to the three on their website:

All students, parents, and members of the educational community are deeply affected by the loss of a truly invested and appreciated teacher. We entrust them in your prayers.

Linda Casanova Sicardi, 54

Casanova, a Swiss citizen from Agno Ticino, was vacationing with her husband in Nice. Ivano Casanova, her brother, said she was due to return soon to Ticino, where she served as a customs expert.

He told Corriere del Ticino:

My sister was on holiday on the French Riviera with her husband Gilles, a French national, and would have to return to Ticino tomorrow. Linda was hit in the middle of the truck, who killed her instantly. ...

Stéphanie Cesari, 43

Cesari, a Nice native, worked in a casino in Cannes, according to Libération. Her colleagues described her as someone who was always appreciated and joyful.

Hervé Chadeau, 43

Chadeau was a corporal in a Marine artillery regiment in Var, southeastern France, according to Libération. His friends described him as valiant and courageous.

Fatima Charrihi

Her son, Hamza, identified Charrihi as one of the first victims. He described her as an “amazing mom” who was attending the Bastille Day celebrations with her nieces and nephews.

He told L’Express:

She wore the headscarf and practiced the proper Islam—the real Islam. Not the terrorists’ version.

Igor Chelechko, 47

A father of four of Russian descent, Chelechko moved to Nice four months ago, according to reports. Andrey Eliseev, the arch-priest of the Saint-Nicolas cathedral in Nice, described him as a “pious man.”

Magdalena Chrzanowska, 21, and Marzena Chrzanowska, 20

The sisters, originally from Krzyszkowice, Poland, were on holiday with their two sisters at the time of the attack, according to reports. Krzyszkowice Mayor Wladyslaw Dydula confirmed the surviving sisters, Dorota and Gabriella, witnessed their sisters’ deaths, though the Polish Foreign Ministry has yet to identify their nationals, pending identification of all victims.

Cristian Coman, 34

Coman, a Romanian tourist, was on vacation with his wife and their seven-year-old son, according to L'Alsace-Le Pays.

Sean Copeland, 51, and Brodie Copeland, 11

Copeland and his 11-year-old son, Brodie, were Americans from Austin, Texas, who were vacationing in Nice during the time of the attack. Their family, in a statement to the Austin American Statesman, said:

We are heartbroken and in shock over the loss of Brodie Copeland, an amazing son and brother who lit up our lives, and Sean Copeland, a wonderful husband and father. They are so loved.

Heather Copeland, a family member, posted on social media:

Yanis Coviaux, 4

Four-year-old Yanis Coviaux was looking forward to attending the fireworks with his parents, Samira and Michael, according to Le Parisien. He had been playing with other children just moments before the truck came barreling through the crowd.

“When I saw him on the ground, I immediately understood,” Michael Coviaux told Le Parisien. “He resembled Aylan, the little refugee boy who drowned on the beach in Turkey.”

Elizabeth Cristina de Assis Ribeiro, 30, and Kayla, 6

Elizabeth Cristina de Assis Ribeiro was vacationing with her husband and three daughters from their home in Yverdon-Les-Bains, Switzerland, according to the Associated Press. Though her husband was able to pull his two younger daughters away from the oncoming truck, both de Assis Ribeiro and her six-year-old daughter, Kayla, were killed.

“He saw the truck crush my sister and their oldest daughter,” de Assis Ribeiro’s brother, Carlos, told Le Matin.

Lionel Deforge, 69, and Sylviane Noailland-Roux-Rault, 79

The couple, originally from Nice, had just enjoyed a meal with family before leaving to watch the Bastille Day fireworks, according to Nice-Matin.

"I was trying to choose a birthday present for him. Unfortunately a few days ago, I had to choose a coffin instead. It feels like a part of me was ripped out,” Deforge’s son, Alain, said of his father, who would have turned 70 in August.

Patricia Zanon Duroy

Duroy was a native of Nogent-sur-Marne, in the suburbs of eastern Paris, according to a statement from the city.

“We offer our respect in the memory of the innocent victims (including Patricia) … innocents who have committed only one mistake: that of having been there that night,” Nogent-sur-Marne Mayor Jacques J.P. Martin said.

Roman Ekmaliyan, 56,

A Georgian of Armenian heritage, Ekmliyan lived as a businessman in Belgium, where he was an active member of the Russian Orthodox community, according to Le Dauphine. Andrey Eliseev, the chief priest at the Russian Orthodox cathedral Saint Nicolas in Nice, described him as an intelligent man who was well-versed in politics and history.

Rachel Erbs, 39

A mother of two from Cessieu, France, Erbs was on vacation with her family. When the truck plowed through the crowd, both parents leapt to make sure their children were out of harm’s way. Her husband, Stephane, recalled seeing his wife get hit by the truck before losing her in the chaos, according to the Associated Press.

Erbs, a sales assistant, was involved with her local basketball club and was with the town census.

Christiane Fabry, 67; Hugues Mismaque, 49; Bruno Villani, 42; and André Raffaelli, 17

Fabry, her partner, Mismaque, and her son, Villani, were enjoying the Bastille Day fireworks with family from their home in Puget-sur-Argens, according to Nice-Matin.

Fabry’s 17-year-old grandson, André, was also among those killed, according to Corse Matin.

“An absolute sadness—it’s maddening,” said Edith Blondeel, Puget-sur-Argens’s deputy mayor.

Timothé Fournier, 27

A tobacconist from Paris, Fournier died protecting his seven-months pregnant wife from the oncoming truck that drove through the crowd on Bastille Day, according to reports by Agence France-Presse.

Fournier’s cousin, Anaïs, described him as someone who was “always  there for his wife and future child.”

Narine Gasparyan, 34

Gasparyan recently moved to Nice with her husband and their two-year-old child, according to the Armenian Foreign Ministry. She and her family had been accompanied by other Armenian families on the Promenade des Anglais. Krikor Khachatryan, an Armenian priest from Var, France, described her as “a quiet person” and “a housewife who was devoted to her family.”

Carla Gaveglio, 48

Gaveglio was visiting Nice with her family from Piasco, Italy, according to the Italian Foreign Ministry. She is survived by her husband, Peter, and her 14-year-old daughter, Matilda.

Ludivine Gomes, 25, and her brother Ludovic Rodier, 15

Gomes and Rodier, both Nice natives of Guadeloupean origin, joined their family to watch the fireworks, according to Le Monde. Though the family learned of Gomes’ death soon after the attack, they had to wait several days before Rodier was identified among those killed.

Lamy Gomes, the siblings’ cousin, posted on Facebook saying, “It is with a heavy heart and deep sorrow that I announce the death of my cousin Ludovic, who we were looking for after the attack. Thank you to those we know and didn’t know who supported us in our search, we are so grateful.”

Emmanuel Grout, 48

Grout, who served as a deputy commissioner of the local border police, was off-duty enjoying the fireworks with his girlfriend and their daughter at the time of the attack, according to the Associated Press. In a tribute to Grout, Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi said France’s police ranks lost “a great personality.”

Mehdi Hachadi, 13

Mehdi was the son of Nice football referee, Brahim Hachadi, according to Le Monde. His cousin, Yasmine, described him as a “little intellectual” who enjoyed solving Rubik’s Cubes, according to reports. He had recently finished fasting for the month of Ramadan. Gilles Ermani, chairman of the Referees Committee of the French Riviera to the French Football Federation, said the boy’s twin sister is in a coma

Françoise Hattermann, 55, and her son Elouan Hattermann, 12

Hattermann, a mother of six, and her son, Elouan, were among the dead, according to Le Dauphiné Libéré. Hattermann, a professor at the Institute of Medical Education (IME), was known for her strength and openness among her colleagues. Elouan, who played hockey in the local hockey club, was described as “a cute kid” and “very friendly,” according to the club’s president, Vicky Lorans.

Olfa Bint al Suwayeh Khalfallah, 31, and Kylan Mejri, 4

Khalfallah and her son, Kylan, were waiting to watch the fireworks. Khalfallah, a Lyon native of Tunisian descent, was vacationing with her son and husband, Tahar Mejri, according to the Associated Press.

Angela Nissa, a friend of the family, posted a tribute to Khalfallah and her son on Facebook, saying, “Rest in peace. I hope the gates of heaven are wide open.”

Romain Knecht

Knecht was identified as one of those killed in the Bastille Day attack. This will be updated when more information becomes available.

Rickard Kruusberg, 21

Kruusberg, a student from Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia, was spending the summer participating in an exchange program at the European Innovation Academy in Nice, according to Estonian media.

“Terrorism affects all of us, and this time it has affected directly and closely everyone in the University of Technology. We commemorate Rickard, who tragically perished, and mourn together with the loved ones of all those who were killed or injured,” Tallinn University Rector Jaak Aaviksoo said in a statement.

Bilal Labaoui, 29

The Tunisian Foreign Ministrty said Labaoui was a native of Kasserine,Tunisia. He was reportedly attending the Bastille Day celebrations with his brother, Walid.

Nicolas Leslie, 20

Leslie, a junior studying environmental science at the University of California, Berkeley, was studying abroad in Nice. According to a statement from the university, Leslie was one of 85 UC Berkeley students participating in a summer entrepreneurship program at the European Innovation Academy.

Leslie is the second UC Berkeley student killed in recent attacks. Eighteen-year-old sophomore Tarishi Jain was killed during an attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in July. UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks said in a statement:

All of us in the UC Berkeley family — both here on campus, and around the world — are heartbroken to learn that another promising young student has been lost to senseless violence. I join Nick’s parents, friends and the entire campus community in condemning this horrific attack, and in mourning the loss of one of our own.

Leslie, who was originally from Milan, Italy, lived in Southern California and attended San Diego's Torrey Pines High School before enrolling at UC Berkeley. According to the university, he planned to enroll at the Haas School of Business when he returned to school in the fall.

His aunt, Antolla, told the Los Angeles Times that Leslie was an only child who was "adored by everyone," describing him as wonderful, caring, and extremely motivated.

François Locatelli, 82; Christiane Locatelli, 78; Veronique Lion, 55; Michel Pellegrini, 28; Gisele Lion, 63; Germain Lion, 68

The Locatellis were on vacation with their daughter, Veronique Lion, their grandson, Pellegrini, and Lion’s in-laws, Gisele Lion and Germain Lion, at the time of the attack. The family of six from Herserange, in northeastern France, were killed as they returned from the Bastille Day fireworks, according to France 3. Pellegrini taught high school economics and social sciences, his employer said.

Raymonde Maman, 77

The Nice native and mother of two was, according to Le Nouvel Observateur, born in Oran, Algeria. She was one of the many French citizens who returned to France after Algeria’s independence in 1962. She and her husband settled in Nice, where they “started from scratch,” her niece, Karinne Bens Corsia, told Agence France-Presse.

“She had just begun to rediscover the taste of life, to travel,” Corsia said of her aunt, whose husband died away a few years ago.

Robert Marchand, 60

Marchard was an industrial supervisor from Marcigny, a small town in eastern France, where he also served as a coach in the town’s athletic club. Louis Poncet, the Marcigny mayor, described Marchard as a “dedicated, passionate man who advanced the athletic club to the highest levels,” according to Le Journal de Saône et Loire. He is survived by his wife and their daughter.

Fatima Marzouk, 44

Marzouk was attending the Bastille Day fireworks with her family, according to Le Monde. Her 13-year-old nephew, Mehdi Hachadi, was also among the victims.

At a funeral honoring Marzouk and Hachadi at the Al-Forqane Mosque in Nice, Rector Boubekeur Bekri told attendees the loss was not only personal, but global. He said:

This is not only a tragedy for the families, for the Muslim community, but it is also a tragedy for the national community, for the entirety of humanity.

Thérèse Michel, 72

Michel, originally from northern France, lived in Nice with her daughter, according to La Voix du Nord. She was attending the Bastille Day celebrations with her sister when the two got separated amid the chaos. She had two grandchildren.

Tatiana Muhamedova, 61

Muhamedova, a native of Estonia, was spending the holiday with her husband, daughter, and grandchildren, according to The Baltic Times.

“Our hopes faded late last night when we lost a loving grandmother and a talented young man. My heartfelt sympathies go out to the families, next of kin, and friends of the victims,” Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves said in a statement.

Camille Murris, 26

Murris, a Nice native, was described by loved ones as a “bubbly young woman” who was “always smiling and ready for adventure,” according to Paris Match.

She graduated from the SKEMA Business School in 2012, which held a moment of silence in her honor and paid tribute to her on Facebook, saying, “It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of Camille Murris (2012 Grande Ecole graduate) in the heinous attack in Nice on Thursday night. Our thoughts are with her family, relatives and friends.”

Natalia Otto

A Kazakh of Russian descent, Otto was visiting her daughter in Nice from her home in Antwerp, Belgium, according to reports. She was actively involved in the Russian Orthodox Church and taught in a parochial school in Antwerp. Andrey Eliseev, the chief priest at the Russian Orthodox cathedral Saint Nicolas in Nice, described her as a person of kindness and intelligence.

Lyubov Panchenko, 59; his daughter, Marina Panchenko, 33; and his granddaughter, Silvia Panchenko, 2

The Panchenko family from Pavlodar, in northeastern Kazakhstan, lost three generations of their family in the Bastille Day attack, according to Le Monde.

Zahia Rahmouni, 70

Rahmouni, originally from Constantine, Algeria, was visiting her family in Nice when they decided to watch the fireworks on the Promenade des Anglais, according to Le Figaro. She is survived by her daughter and grandson.

Laurence Rasteu, 46

Rasteu, an artist from Nice, was known for her love of photography, according to Le Progrès. She reportedly curated a Facebook page, titled “Seen in Nice,” where she shared her pictures. Her father, Yves-Marie Lequin, described her as a sensitive and beautiful person.

Mino Razafitrimo, 31

Razafitrimo, a Nice native originally from Madagascar, was with her four and six-year-old sons, Andrew and Amaury, at the time of the attack, according to Le Parisen.

A friend described her as a “joyous person very involved with the Malagasy community in Nice,” according to Agence-France Presse.

Viktoria Savchenko, 20

The Russian national studied at the Academy of Finance in Moscow, which confirmed her death.

Savchenko was also identified by Russian TV.

Saskia Schabel, 29

Schabel, a teacher, was leading a class trip to southern France in celebration of the end of high school exams, according to Le Nouvel Observateur. Prior to teaching German in Berlin, she studied German literature, history, and politics in Bavaria.

Mohamed Toukabri, 58; Laurence-Nora Sahraoui, 49, and her grandchildren Léana Sahraoui, 2, and Yanis Sahraoui, 8

Sahraoui spent Bastille Day enjoying a picnic on the beach with her two grandchildren, Léana and Yanis, in anticipation for the evening fireworks, according to Le Parisien. A school kitchen worker, her family described Sahraoui as “a saint” who was always present for her family.

Sahraoui and her grandchildren were not the only members of her family to die in the attack. An uncle, Mohamed Toukabri, was found further up the street. Toukebri worked as a mechanic in Nice, according to a statement by the Tunisian Foreign Ministry

Sahraoui’s sister-in-law told Le Parisien:

It's a nightmare. We do not sleep. We do not eat. We do not live. They were 16 members of the family on the beach that day. We are four less…

Amie V., 12

The 12-year-old was the daughter of a journalist at the Nice-based magazine Ressources. The publication posted a tribute to Amie on its Facebook page, saying, “One of our close collaborators, journalist, and editorial secretary lost her 12-year-old daughter in yesterday's attack. Our team is in shock. The words we are supposed to be specialists in are suddenly emptied of meaning. Thierry, we are wholeheartedly with you. RIP Amie”

Marie-Pierre Viale, 57

Viale, a singer, was a soprano in her local choir, Voices of Nice, according to France Bleu. In a tribute to her on Facebook, the choir wrote, “Our friend, we will never forget you.”

Jacqueline Wurtlin, 64

Wurtlin, originally from Limoges, France, moved to southern France 15 years ago. A mother of three children and a grandmother of two, she previously worked in the restaurant industry and in a photography store, according to Le Populaire.