‘The Constitution Is a Work of Art’

Editor’s Note: This article previously appeared in a different format as part of The Atlantic’s Notes section, retired in 2021.

Thomas Cheeseboro, 49, Warehouse Worker
Lives in Harlem, Manhattan

America’s strength is that we are “a free country” and we are a leader in the world, the free world. Freedom of speech, the rights that we have that most countries don’t have—that’s America’s strength. Creativity. Ingenuity. Thoughtfulness. Love for your fellow man. That’s what makes America.

Anthony Verdille, 35, Retirement Services
Lives in Massachusetts

I think America’s always been at its best. I don’t think it matters how bad we are, how bad we think we are. I think … the people who travel across the world, know how well we are doing, regardless of what situation we’re in. I think we’re diversified, innovative, and leading. We always want to be leading in everything we do. And I think that’s the history of our country. I think that’s kind of what each person delivers.

Naomi Shaanan, 64, Retired
Lives in Israel

America is a great democracy with a beautiful history. People came out from religious persecution, and that’s what created a nice country. The Constitution is a work of art. And Americans are very proud; they’re very sure of themselves and very sure of their country.