Your Views of America From the Air

Editor’s Note: This article previously appeared in a different format as part of The Atlantic’s Notes section, retired in 2021.
An intermodal yard near Midway Airport in Chicago / A dam northeast of Phoenix

Just before the release of his new cover story, “How America Is Putting Itself Back Together,” Jim broached the idea of readers sending in photos from flights they’ve taken over the U.S., in line with his three-year journey across the states in a single-engine plane:

We’d like to concentrate on collecting aerial shots only — from small planes and airliners, from helicopters and airplanes, from altitudes high enough to reveal large-scale geographic patterns and low enough to display surprising neighborhood or city-planning details. […] Please send any relevant photos, with identifying info—when, where, how, and what’s interesting about what we’re looking at.

A reader and former follower of the Dish, Ann Fisher, jumps at the idea:

This one is above the Great Salt Lake, taken November 2012:

You can tell I’m pretty excited about this. I have more, all from commercial flights.

Two more of Ann’s photos are seen in the diptych above. If you have a good aerial view you’d like share, please email (Photos with a small part of the plane visible—a wing, a propellor, the edge of a window—are preferable, and please send the largest file size you have.)