Turkeys Gone Wild

Editor’s Note: This article previously appeared in a different format as part of The Atlantic’s Notes section, retired in 2021.

Many readers are responding to Yoni’s piece on “why wild turkeys hate the wild”:

I moved to Boston last year, and remember the first time I was walking over from my grad school’s gym to the C branch of the Green Line, crossing into Brookline, and seeing … a turkey! Just there, on the road, slowly wandering around, avoiding the cars. It eventually got scared off by a dog being walked. I’ve come to see turkeys a few times in a couple different parts of Brookline. I still find it amusing, although I imagine the residents don’t. Never knew how they got there, though, til this article.

Speaking of Brookline, another reader says she recently “got yelled at by the BrooklineTurkey”:

Another reader looks south:

When I lived on Eastern Long Island, the wild turkeys were making their triumphant return. These noble creatures take no crap from man or beast. One day, I witnessed a feral cat attempt to attack a chick. Within a minute, the feline was surrounded by a dozen toms. They preceded to peck the cat nearly to death. The wild turkeys are smart and protective.

Ben Franklin was right. The should have been our national symbol.

This reader flags the above video:

Turkey chases and terrorizes female reporter. Hilarity ensues. This is two minutes of your life you won’t regret giving up.

So true. Almost as great as this comment: