Portlanders Are Using Stickers to Keep Californians Out

Editor’s Note: This article previously appeared in a different format as part of The Atlantic’s Notes section, retired in 2021.

The people of Portland, Oregon would like you to know something: sun-loving, beach-lounging Californians are not welcome in their city, thank you very much.

For ages, righteous Portlanders have been unusually affronted by California’s culture, climate, and general population. It seems this attitude is not limited to Portland alone—the phrase “California-hating Oregonians” returns copious results on Google, with posts ranging in tone from playful to proud to genuinely angry. But the wrath of Portland, a city that is home to basically the antithesis of Californians, has been particularly vicious.

Now, though, Portlanders may have some legitimate beef with the Golden State.

A recent influx of wealthy Californian buyers into the city’s real estate market is hiking up housing prices, The Oregonian reports. This has led some residents to slap “No Californians” stickers on “For Sale” signs outside of on-the-market homes.

Real estate agents all over the city are seeing their signs plastered with these stickers, which show a silhouette of California with a red slash through it in the style of a “No Smoking” sign.

“A lot of these homes are going into bidding wars and going over ask price,” one Portland realtor, Quinn Irvine, told The Oregonian. “And a lot of these guys are getting outbid. And I think they’re going around to agents who have properties that have sold over ask price and putting anti-California stickers.”

The out-of-state buyers are actually coming from many locations, but Californians are being blamed for the vast majority of the problem. Probably because there are so many reasons to hate on them already.