Call for Submissions: What's Your Picture of the American Dream?

What does a successful life look like to Atlantic readers in the U.S. and abroad?

Next month, The Atlantic will launch a series of pieces exploring how the American Dream has evolved. In addition to essays and reported stories by a variety of journalists, we also want to see what people envision as the American Dream today.

What does the American Dream look like to you? Whatever your age, location or level of photographic skill, feel free to Tweet or Instagram your answer to this question for possible publication on Here’s how it works:

  • Tweet or Instagram your photograph with the hashtag #AtlanticAmericanDream by Friday, August 7.
  • We may reach out to solicit a high-resolution version of the image as well as your thoughts on why and how it evokes the American Dream.
  • Our forthcoming series of stories on the American Dream will include a photo essay (or several) drawing on the patterns that emerge in the images we see.
  • In addition, some photographs may be selected by the editors of Echo/Sight to be included in a mashup like the one at the top of this post. The result will be shared on Echo/Sight’s social-media platforms, and in posts on

Keep in mind:

  • Please submit only images for which you own the copyright. (If you didn’t take the photo, chances are you aren’t its owner.)
  • We won’t consider non-work-safe (i.e. overly graphic or containing nudity) photos for inclusion.
  • To be featured on, an image must have a high-res version that’s at least 1MB or 2000 pixels wide.

So send us your photos, tagged with #AtlanticAmericanDream. We look forward to seeing what you see.