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NASCAR driver Tony Stewart won't face charges in the death of a fellow racer, Kevin Ward Jr., after Ward was found to be under the influence of marijuana at the time of collision that killed him.

Prosecutors in upstate New York said a grand jury decided against charging Stewart either with second-degree manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide in Ward's death, which occurred when Stewart hit Ward with his car during a race on Aug. 9.

Ward had exited his car and was seen on video standing in the middle of the track gesturing at Stewart's car after their cars collided. As he came back around the track, Stewart fishtailed and struck Ward.

Michael Tantillo, district attorney of Ontario County, said there was enough marijuana in Ward's system "to impair judgement" and that the videos that investigators saw showed "no aberrational driving by Tony Stewart," according to the Associated Press.

Stewart issued a statement calling the ordeal "the toughest and most emotional experience of my life."


Stewart is a three-time NASCAR champion who was driving in a sprint cup race when the accident occurred. He missed several races but returned to the circuit at the end of August.

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