The Scottish Push for Independence Gains Serious Steam

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A new poll reveals that support for Scotland's independence initiative is at an all-time high. As Reuters reported, just weeks before the referendum on the issue, the once-massive unionist margin has evaporated in just weeks:

The poll by YouGov showed the unionist lead had shrunk to 6 percentage points from 22 a month ago as support for independence jumped to 47 percent in August, suggesting a major shift in opinion ahead of the September 18 referendum.

One major factor in the momentum swing was a televised debate in which Scotland’s pro-independence leader Alex Salmond squared off against Alistair Darling, who leads the opposition to independence. The prevailing opinion (71 percent) felt that Salmond crushed Darling in the debate.

Here is some footage of the highlights:

The specter of Scotland severing its three-centuries-long union with Britain has raised a number of hypothetical questions ranging from the practical (What will happen to the British nuclear submarines stationed in Scotland? What kind of money will Scotland use?) to the bizarrely alarmist (Will Russia invade an independent Scotland?). 

What is certain is that British Prime Minister David Cameron will face a massive chorus calling for his resignation if Scotland votes for independence.

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