Richard Branson Brings Vodka into the Commercial Space Race

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Virgin Galactic has partnered with Grey Goose to help Galactic achieve its goal of becoming the first commercial space line in history, Forbes reported on Monday.

Grey Goose plans to offer limited edition products in order to commemorate Virgin's pioneering efforts to make space travel accessible to anyone who is willing to pay $250,000 for a two and a half hour space flight and a celebratory after party.

"Over the period of the next few years, as Virgin Galactic goes into space and makes space travel accessible to the average person, what you’re going to see is a series of events, exclusive content that brings to life that innovative spirit [of Fly Beyond]," Vice President Category Director for Grey Goose Vodka Lyle Tick told Forbes.

While it remains to be seen whether or not Virgin Galactic CEO Richard Branson plans to serve the French company's vodka during his luxury shuttle expeditions, in many ways vodka and space travel are a match made in perfect corporate heaven. Vodka is best served at sub zero temperatures. Space is appropriately freezing cold. There's probably not much to do in space. Vodka is great for when you're bored.

Okay, the obvious similarities might actually end there but another major sponsor can't hurt Virgin Galactic's goal of reaching space by February or March of 2015.

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