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Last week, Ray Rice was terminated from the Baltimore Ravens and indefinitely suspended from the NFL due to the surfacing of a disturbing video of him hitting his wife, then fiancee, in an elevator. Much has been disputed about the timeline of who saw the video and when, whether or not anyone lied about what happened, and if the league should adopt a zero-tolerance domestic violence policy.

Now, Rice is considering taking action against the NFL and fighting the ban. Rice has not yet commented on the matter, however, we could expect to see an appeal filed later today. According to, the appeal would be sent by the NFL Players Association. It is expected Rice would also use his own attorney in the matter.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has previously said he does not "rule out" Rice's return to the field. Technically, Goodell could have the last word on the appeal, as "the indefinite suspension was imposed under the personal-conduct policy." However, Mike Florio at NBC Sports makes the argument that Rice and the NFL Player's Association could request a hearing officer to handle the appeal. A hearing officer "has no current connection to the league office," making them a more neutral party.

An independent investigation of how the Rice case was handled is currently underway by former FBI director Robert S. Mueller III.

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