Philly to Show Marijuana Some Brotherly Love

Being busted with small amounts of marijuana in Philadelphia will get you a nominal fine once a new measure goes into effect.

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Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter says he will sign a bill that will decriminalize small amounts of marijuana, making Philly the largest city in America to loosen legal standards on the substance.

Nutter initially opposed a bill that passed through the Philadelphia City Council earlier this summer, but reportedly worked to reach an agreement with the bill's author City Councilman Jim Kenney. He plans to sign the bill into law in the next few weeks after an amended law passes.

Nutter's tweak will tack on a $100 fine for smoking in public, which can be waived with a few hours of public service. Kenney's bill will be amended Thursday by the council and get a final vote two weeks later before it shows up on Nutter's desk again."

There was already some confusion over whether this meant the City of Brotherly Love had made marijuana legal entirely:

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