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Macy's has already put up its Christmas display, according to  New York City local blog Gothamist.

Last week, the New York City department store's Herald Square location inaugurated its 9th floor Christmas display with a bevy of fake trees, themed Santa Clauses and overpriced nutcrackers. Thankfully, Macy's famous Santa Clause — the theme of the classic Christmas film Miracle On 34th Street — hasn't yet joined in the festivities.

In case Macy's has forgotten, today is September 15. There's still another week of summer left. Halloween stores are just starting to pop up. Thanksgiving turkeys haven't even begun to contemplate their tragic end. And most importantly, it's still more than 100 days until St. Nick greases up and slides down our chimneys on December 25.

Can we all please just drink just our pumpkin spice lattes, buy our Halloween costumes, and try to enjoy the commercialism of this season rather than next's?

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