Two Teens Arrested for Mass School Shooting Plot in Southern California

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Two students at South Pasadena High School were arrested on suspicion of a plot that reportedly involved shooting three school staffers and then targeting as many students as possible.

According to police, the two rising seniors were caught after school officials reported them to police. From the CBS/AP report

The boys, who did not yet have weapons but were trying to get them, had been under constant surveillance since the school district informed police of their plans last Thursday, South Pasadena police Sgt. Brian Solinsky said.

He added that the plot involved "named targets" and police added that "the boys were researching rifles, submachine guns, bombs and other explosives, especially propane."

Here is some of Superintendent Geoff Yantz's statement, which was released on social media:

The South Pasadena High School administration was informed of a credible threat of potential school violence at the high school and immediately contacted the South Pasadena Police Department who investigated the matter. Two students involved in the matter were arrested and remain in custody. The police have the situation under control and there is currently no threat to students or employees." 

More details will be released at a press conference today.

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