This Is What Arby's Meat Mountain Really Looks Like

The world is abuzz with news of a massive secret menu sandwich at Arby's. Here's what you need to know.

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The Wire was so excited by the Meat Mountain sandwich that we went out to try it. Check out our report here.

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Today we're getting word of a secret sandwich looming out of sight on the Arby's secret menu. At $10, it's called the Meat Mountain and it has an unfathomable line-up of ingredients. Local lore has it that the sadistic sandwich was created after customers wanted to eat the company's advertising. See below:

There are only a few pictures of the sandwich floating around in the ether:

Over at Business Insider, Ashley Lutz guesstimated something of a calorie count, which it should be noted, is less than a Chipotle burrito with steak, guac, sour cream, and cheese.

Look on it and despair, America.

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