St. Louis Police Release Video of Yesterday's Deadly Officer-Involved Shooting

Police say they released it in the interests of transparency, though the police union also believes it supports the officers' account of the incident.

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Police have released a new video of the incident on Tuesday when two St. Louis Police Department officers shot and killed a suspect just a few miles from where Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Missouri.

The video, filmed by a bystander on their phone, captures the entire incident, from before police officers arrived, to their initial confrontation with the man, to the actual shooting, and a few minutes of the aftermath. While it is filmed from some distance away, the audio is clear enough that you can hear officers yell at the man to drop his knife. You can also hear the man yell "Shoot me!" several times at the officers. Finally, the man continues to move toward the officers after their warnings and they both open fire, killing the man almost instantly.

The suspect was identified as Kajieme Powell, a 25-year-old St. Louis resident. Moments before the shooting, he was involved in an altercation at a convenience store where he was accused of shoplifting. He was described as acting "erratically" at the time and neighbors have reportedly described him mentally ill, but that has not been confirmed.

While the video does not drastically differ from the accounts of police and other witnesses, it will definitely add to the debate about whether were really in danger, and if they responded appropriately. The police officers' union agreed to release of the video, saying "it's exculpatory," according to St. Louis Public Radio.

Warning: The video is posted below, but viewers may find the content disturbing.

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