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Ferguson, Missouri, woke up on Monday to another morning-after of violent clashes between police and protesters. In all, seven people were arrested and one person was shot, though the shooting did not involve police. The person who was shot was seriously injured, however, the gunman remains unknown, as does the identity of the victim. Many other protesters were wounded by tear gas and rubber bullets, fired by police officers.

For the last two days, Ferguson has had a midnight-to-5:00 a.m. curfew. The curfew was instituted by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, and some have questioned if it is constitutional to impose such a curfew. Other curfews, such as a 2001 Anchorage, Alaska, curfew have been ruled unconstitutional. In any event, the worst of the fighting happened well before the midnight deadline.

SWAT and riot police have been on the scene since the protesting began, and today, the National Guard is being brought in by order of the governor. While the additional force is meant to bring peace to the situation, it may further agitate residents, who are protesting the heavy-handed police presence and behavior in their community. 

The New Black Panther Party also had a major presence in Ferguson last night, working hard to keep the protests peaceful, they urged others to be home by curfew. Their leader, Malik Shabazz, spoke with the crowd through a bullhorn, reports The Daily Beast, telling protesters, "They got a plan to slaughter us tonight." Shabazz addressed primarily the protesters who have been "openly taunting police, looking for revenge over Brown's death, or just wanting to send a message to a police department they see as oppressive." Shabazz assured them that there would be justice.

The New Black Panthers also provided protesters with a phone number to call in the event of arrest. This same tactic was used in last week's Times Square protest, in which some protesters wrote phone numbers on their hands or signs in the event of arrest. 

This morning, residents of Ferguson cleaned up the damage from last night's protest, including tear gas canisters:

The flight ban above Ferguson, which was issued on August 12th, is set to expire this evening at 8 p.m

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